Your Favorite Spots in Hill View!

By: Melissa Keen   January is a quiet time at Haunted Hill View Manor. We are closed for the season, no new guests to visit, no exciting events, only staff […]

Jeffrey’s Room

By: Dawn Chute   In Oct 1926, the Lawrence County home for the Poor and Aged opened. This would come to be known as Hill View Manor. On the day […]

The Atrium By: Melissa Keen   One North. If you’re familiar with Haunted Hill View Manor, you know this place very well. Easily one of the most active locations in the […]

Mary Virginia’s Story

By: Denise Bollinger A contest was held this past year for our guests to tell us where their favorite hot spots are. Mary Virginia’s room was one of the winners of […]

Trick or Treat for a Cause

By: Melissa Keen Officer Dan Tressler and his K9 partner Kallo, make their way down One North at Haunted Hill View Manor. They’re surrounded by moving shadows, ghosts, ghouls, and […]

Evidence Night 2022

By: Dawn Chute Evidence Night 2022 was a great success. There were some big changes this year! We centralized admissions to a single email account, that let us keep a […]

Eli’s Boiler room

By: Dawn Chute Eli Saari is by far one of the most well known spirits at Hill View. He is talked about on almost every television show and YouTube channel. […]

Ellie & Tucker

By: Melissa Keen When people think of Haunted Hill View Manor, some the spirits that come to mind are Jeffrey, Angelo, Eli, Mary Virginia, and George. These are some of […]

Courtney & Isabella

By: Denise Bollinger A visit to Haunted Hill View Manor is always an experience and adventure. Although there are many spirits who have been favorites over the years there are […]

Kids Trick or Treat 2022

By: Melissa Keen Sunday October 23rd was Kids Trick or Treat, or as we call it…the best day of the year at Haunted Hill View Manor! From 1-3pm, kids of […]