Hill View Manor Academy

By: Dawn Chute We are very excited to announce the addition of classes to our schedule. These classes are being taught by renowned experts in their field. Some will even include equipment you will make and take home! All of them come with an option to explore the building after! On June 29th Join Psychic […]

The Chapel

By: Denise Bollinger Facing the winter blues and boredom? It won’t be long now until we will all be back at Haunted Hill View Manor and visiting all the hot spots and favorite spirits who never fail to draw us into the paranormal world. Opening day is March 9, 2024, so book your times now. […]

Evidence Photos

By: Melissa Keen Evidence in the paranormal takes on many forms. A flashing REMPod, shadows moving, voices through a spirit box, and so much more. Getting video of activity or capturing a clear EVP can be exciting! But often overlooked are still photos. They  seem to be dismissed as easily debunked. Does that mean they’re […]

Ghost Hunting Tips

By: Melissa Keen Every haunted location has its own story and personality. Hill View Manor is no different. So it follows that each location has its own tips and tricks to make for a more successful investigation. Here’s a few that can help when you’re trying to communicate with our spirits.  Let’s talk equipment. No […]

Halloween of Days Gone By

By: Denise Bollinger It seems that a little over a week ago was Halloween. The scary ghosts and goblins have come and gone, well some ghosts have gone, but some remain. Haunted Hill View Manor is known as a place for spirits year round and we know they stay long after the Halloween season is […]

Trick or Treat 2023

By: Melissa Keen “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Those lyrics usually evoke thoughts of Christmas trees, snowflakes, and Santa. But at Haunted Hill View Manor, it means something different. It means it’s time for our favorite event of the year…Kids Trick or Treat!  Sunday October 22nd, our halls were filled with ghosts […]

Scare Manor 2023

By: Melissa Keen As night descends, fog rolls in. Figures begin moving in the darkness. Footsteps move closer. And in the distance, a bloodcurdling scream…the gates to Scare Manor opened. September 29th marked the beginning of our fourth season of Scare Manor, and we were open offering thrills and chills through the end of October. […]

Hot Spot Nights

By: Melissa Keen   In the normal world, a hot spot is defined as an area that is higher in temperature than the immediate surrounding area. In the paranormal world, a hot spot is an area with higher reported paranormal activity than the surrounding area. Haunted Hill View Manor has several hot spots and our […]

HHVM Livestream

By: Melissa Keen Down the dark hallways of Hill View Manor, equipment is set up, lights are set up, and the video starts… it’s live stream night! Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm, our dedicated Hill Crew streams investigations from 2 separate locations inside the building. Along with investigating, our crew shared upcoming events, […]

An Interview with April Busset

By: Denise Bollinger My article for the Spring of 2023 brought a totally new and wonderful experience. I had the great pleasure of getting to know one of the many psychics who has visited Haunted Hill View Manor and will be returning in June. Ms. April Busset. April is very excited to be returning to […]