History of Hill View Manor

Hill View Manor is no longer abandoned.  We have regular staff along with volunteers and paranormal investigators. A security alarm system with surveillance video monitors the interior and exterior of the building. Police officers patrol the building regularly. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Hill View Manor was known as The Lawrence County Home for the Aged also known as the poor house or poor farm, where mentally ill, severely destitute, and elderly residents resided.



The facility opened its doors on Tuesday, October 19, 1926.  Perry and Mary Snyder ran the facility when opened until 1944 when they were asked to resign due to possible mismanagement.  Residents at the time were called “inmates” and some children were also housed at this county home during the great depression.


In the 1960s and 70s, The Laurence County Home saw remodeling changes with updates and additions such as One North, a large cafeteria, and the only basement in the building. In 1977, One North was completed, and the building was renamed “Hill View Manor” after a contest.



Hill View Manor was closed in 2004 due to financial constraints and put up for auction. It was privately bought to possibly create condos.  After sitting vacant for a year or so Hill View started offering Historic Haunted Tours.



Today Hill View Manor hosts many special events and has been featured on many TV, Cable, YouTube, and social media shows and websites. They added a Haunted House Attraction behind Hill View’s main structure in 2020, Scare Manor, and that attraction runs from late September through the end of October.