Live Streaming Policy

All content in live streams must adhere to the Community Standards of the service channel provider and Haunted Hill View Manor’s guidelines and policies. Haunted Hill View Manor (HVM) reserves the right to restrict or terminate a live stream at its discretion.
Live Streaming can be disabled for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  1. Music, images or any content (including background content) that is in violation of copyright laws.
  2. Any content or behavior that is age-restricted (inappropriate for 18 years or younger) or deemed by HVM as violent, dangerous, abusive or offensive to viewers or participants.
  3. Capturing the image or voice of others that have not agreed to participate or agreed to release their rights to be recorded. Pennsylvania is a 2-party state and all recording of individual voices must be given consent to be recorded.
  4. Equipment that does not meet FCC Part 15 rules and regulations or causes interference with internal LAN system or Comcast ISP. Equipment will be turned off until the interference can be rectified.
  5. Live streaming that exceeds a 4 hour time limit.

You must provide Hill View Manor with the Live Stream website and email a link of your live stream content to

Any penalties or fines due to violations of this policy are the sole responsibility of the individual or group recording the live stream.

Live streaming is not authorized without the permission of Hill View Manor and is not available during classes, day/night tours, public investigations, and/or outside investigations.

Hill View Manor reserves the right to use all streamed content filmed at its location or that uses its copyrighted material for commercial or entertainment purposes.

Paid Services

Hill View Manor offers Live Streaming as a part of some private events. Please note that WiFi service is not available in some parts of the building. Refunds for the Live Streaming fee are only available if Hill View Manor’s WiFi connection is not operating in the parts of the building where WiFi service is offered. Hill View Manor is not responsible for any other technical issues and will not issue a refund for any other issues. Refunds will only be for the $75 Live Streaming fee.