Psychic Fair 2024 Will Take Place on
June 1st, 2024 from 11am - 5pm

  • 11am-5pm – Psychic Fair
  • 1pm-2pm – Ghost Hunting Class with HVM Staff (free with admission to Psychic Fair)
  • 2pm-3pm – Gallery Reading with Scott Allan (additional fee)
  • 3pm-4pm – Evidence Talk with HVM Staff (free with admission to Psychic Fair)

Psychic fair will feature several psychics that you can book readings with, vendors to shop with, and from 2pm – 3pm there will be a Gallery Reading with Scott Allan. Tours of the building will be available throughout the day and will be able to be booked once you get to the building.

Tickets to enter Psychic Fair are only $5! Get your tickets for our 10th Annual Psychic Fair Today!

*Tickets are required for entry to Psychic Fair. If you book a reading with a psychic, you must also purchase a ticket to enter Psychic Fair.

Psychic Fair Schedule




Gallery Reading 2pm-3pm - $30

A former funeral director and embalmer, Scott’s opening to mediumship was as surprising as it was unsettling. Misconstrued initially as an attachment or haunting, the series of frightening events leading up to his mediumistic unfoldment was, in actuality, the genesis of a deep relationship with spirit, coming forth to awaken Scott and paving the way for him to deliver heartfelt messages of love and hope from the other side.

Following a chance meeting with actress and QVC/HSN host Forbes Riley, he was offered the opportunity to read for her on the air. Within days, Scott began to read for others around the world.

He quickly took the next step by demonstrating his ability in front of sold-out audiences. His popularity continues to grow as he showcases his abilities In gallery events at home and across the pond, most recently sharing a demonstration at the haunted Airth Castle in Airth, Scotland. Scott hosts the Paranormal Project Radio Show through KGRA Digital Broadcasting here in the USA and Pulse Talk Radio in the United Kingdom. He has appeared on numerous podcasts, including The Forbes Factor, The Grave Talks, Psychic on the Scene, and A World Awakening with Andrea Perron. For more information, visit Scott’s website at

Spiritfest – Psychic Fair Night Time Event

Throughout the night of Spirit Fest, we’ll have 4 psychics doing 4 different Gallery Readings of the building and the people who are attending the Gallery Reading. Each Psychic will do their Gallery Reading in different areas of the building, so every Gallery Reading will be different! If you want to skip a Gallery Reading, you can explore the building aside from the rooms that the Psychics will be reading in!


Food Vendor

J&A Eats

We provide food made from scratch! Smoked pulled meats. Loaded nachos, desserts, and more! We can customize a menu to fit each event we are at!


AJ's Twisted Treasures

Handcrafted Metaphysical gifts and supplies


Crystal balls, skulls, jewelry, homemade sage smudging candles

C. Joy Creations

Car freshies, candles and wax tarts, stickers and pop sockets

Celebration of Spirits

We sell original artwork, horror themed merchandise, and jewelry

Charlotte's Moon

I enjoy nature and crystals so I decided to make these rock charms using wood and crystals along with chains and charms.


Sicilian folk magic gift shop

Damsel in Defense

Safety and protection items such as alarms, kubatons, pepper spray, stun devices and rfid wallets. We also have carry n conceal purses.

Dylan’s Delectables Cookies & Treats

Cookies, bread loaves and chocolate covered pretzels and oreos

Emerald Raven Paranormal

I am a two time published paranormal author. I also sell various stones such as Amethyst and Lapis. Along with my various stones I also handmade bracelets with smaller pieces of each stone. There will also be hand made keychains and order forms for glass bead bracelets.

Generational Gifts

Novelty Jewelry, shirts, crystals

Hallowvue Paranormal

Hallowvue is a paranormal research team from the greater Pittsburgh area.

Hampe Crafts

HampeCrafts is a small business that allows its owner and artist, Alicia Hampe, to create anything imaginable and share it with others. Always a fan of the unknown, Alicia’s creativity has always been sparked by her interests in the paranormal and spiritual. She has allowed these interests to influence some of her art and enjoys making crystal jewelry, original artwork, and just about anything she can put good intention into creatively. Hampe Crafts offers a variety of these items, and many more, handmade by her in hopes of sharing it with you!

Herb and Hawthorne Creations

Herb & Hawthorne Creations is a woman run business that focuses on making beautiful spiritual tools and accessories from recycled and upcycled materials.

Higher Healing Witchery

We are a small, traveling business that is from Pittsburgh area. Our goal is to help people heal and to help them on their life journey. 80% of our items are handmade and homegrown. 90% of our crystals are high-quality and unique. We have been in business for almost 2 years and we are really proud of how far we have come. And we are so excited to be a part of these events again.

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

Jayde of Light

Homemade soy intention candles

Jess Makes Scents

Handmade phthalate free soy blend candles (dessert style) along with wax melts, room and body spray, carpet sprinkle, car diffusers, and beard balm.

Killer, Bones, & Stiches

Serial killer memorabilia, bones, haunted artifacts, horror movie memorabilia, horror cross stich

Kitchen Witch Candles

Elegant soy candles featuring beautiful crystals, jars, and intoxicating scents.

Kylee's Creations

Custom tumblers resin pieces crochet stuffies candles and shirts.

Lit Scenes By Nessa

Lighted shadowboxes with various scenes

Lola & Co Designs

We have something for everyone at Lola & Co. Designs, from unique and custom drinkware, to apparel, home decor like our Original Design Crescent Moon Shelves, our full lines of spooky, horror and retro wax melt and candle line, crystals, tarot decks and more!


Lunette‘s Little Bits
“A little bit of this, a little bit of that”
Crystals, Candles, Tea, some Jewelry and other Bits

Mixmatch Crafts

whimsical decor, handmade jewelry, and original art, with a focus on repurposing and upcycling

New Beginnings Metaphysical Shop

We are a small metaphysical shop located in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. We offer a selection of handmade witchy goods, crystals, herbs, and more!

New Era Paranormal Investigators

The New Era Paranormal Investigators group creates paranormal content and sells merchandise associated with our content. We are working on a documentary series and we will be starting a YouTube series for additional investigative content. We also have a podcast named the Paranormal Pulse Podcast that focuses on interviewing the individuals behind new developments in the field.


Bespoke Artisan Handmade soap, specializing in Crystal Infused Intention Soaps, face/body/lip scrubs, perfume oil and resin wares.

No Double Dippin'

Homemade dip mixes and wine slushy packets

Rose Botanicals

We sell common, uncommon, rare and weird houseplants and their accessories.

Sad Girl Art

Sad Girl Art offers an array of handmade items! from jewelry, to wall decor, and even fidget toys!

Scarlett Rose Creations

Step into our mystical haven! At our family-owned metaphysical shop, uncover a world of artisanal creations crafted with love by our devoted team. From crystals to divination tools, dried herbs, and smudging supplies, explore a rich tapestry of offerings. We cherish the transformative power of these sacred tools, fostering personal growth and spiritual connection. Seek guidance? Delight in our Tarot readings, handfasting ceremonies, and monthly workshops. Embrace the magic within – visit our shop today!

Soul Portraits by Paula

Paula combines an intuitive psychic reading with her art as she creates your unique mystical personalized Soul Portrait on canvas.

Telluric Waves, LLC.

Telluric Waves creates unique gifts and home decor with laser cutting and engraving for any occasion. Every item is custom-stained or painted to match your style. One-of-a-kind custom items can be made for that special someone in your life or to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

The Orgone Alchemist

Our business specializes in crafting unique items designed to enhance mindfulness and manifestation practices. From orgonite pyramids to altered journals and sketchbooks, along with manifest kits and intention jars, we offer a diverse range of tools to support personal growth and intention setting. Additionally, we provide aura readings and aura photography services to help individuals explore and understand their energy fields. Our curated selection also includes tarot boxes, books, decks, and eclectic cups, offering a holistic approach to spiritual exploration and daily rituals.

Trippy Clippies

Trippy clippies is a one woman show where I help you on your healing journey through beautiful skin that you feel confident in and wire wrapped jewelry that will help to heal your chakras. I offer a variety of stones wrapped with copper or sterling silver, the stones are also intuitively chosen. The ingredients in my skin care line will help heal your skins natural barrier with plant based ingredients and will give you the moisture and confidence you deserve.

Vicious Creations

Pendants, gemstones, artwork, stickers

Wicked Designs By Holly

I create unique resin pieces of all kinds. My passion is to create spooky decor and functional artistic works. I create wall decor, decorations, coasters, games, runes, Ouija decor, etc. And let’s not for get the highly sought after glowing ghosts!