Hill-Con 2023 will take place on  August 12th, 2023 from 11am-5pm 

Join us for the highly anticipated Hill-Con 2023! 

We have an amazing lineup of speakers and vendors coming this year. 

Speakers are included with the daytime ticket fee. You will be able to see any and all of the speakers that we have slated to come to Hill-Con and browse the wares of our many vendors! There will be tons to see and do this year at Hill-Con! 

If you purchase your tickets to Hill-Con in advance, daytime tickets are $20 (or $25 at the door the day of the event).

  • Hill Con Daytime Events take place from 11am-5pm
    • Speaker times can be found below with the speaker descriptions
  • 5:00PM: A Gallery Reading with Greg Nicholas – $30 to attend ($35 the day of)
  • 6:00PM: Dave Schrader talk about Ghost Investigations on TV and in the Real World
  • 7:00PM: Tour with Dave Schrader and HVM Staff
  • 8:00PM – 3:00AM: Explore with Dave Schrader (Dave will be in the building until midnight)

Special Nighttime events!

Speakers for HIll-Con 2023

Mary Fabian – 11:15AM-11:45AM

Speaker Topic: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project

Dave Juliano – 12:00PM-12:30pm

Speaker Topic: Why some cleansings, blessings, and Exorcisms fail 

Eric Altman – 12:45pm-1:15PM

Speaker Topic: Mysterious Chestnut Ridge

Alex Matsuo – 1:30pm-2:00pm

Speaker Topic: Other Ways to Ghost Hunt & How to Avoid Traumatizing Ghosts During Investigations

Alex Matsuo talks about alternate ways of paranormal investigation and will present case studies of successful spirit communication experiences without using upsetting topics to get a response from ghosts.

Heather Taddy – 2:15PM-2:45PM

Speaker Topic: Investigation of the Stephenson Building from Portals to Hell Episode

Jenny & Jami King – 3:00PM-3:30PM

Speaker Topic: C.O.N.T.A.C.T.

Jami and Jenny King formed a group called C.O.N.T.A.C.T who use CE-5 protocols: vibrational frequencies, meditations and human initiated coherent thought sequences using Universal laws, laws of nature, to produce a symbiotic consciousness between human ambassadorship and extraterrestrial beings. 

APRIL BUSSET – 3:45pm-4:15pm

Speaker Topic: Psychic Mediums & Their Role in the Paranormal

Thomas White – 4:30pm-5:00PM

Speaker Topic: Ghosts & Legends of Western Pennsylvania: Origins, Meaning and Context

Dave Schrader - NIght Time Investigation

Dave Schrader will be doing the evening talk, tour, and investigation with the group for Hill-Con.

Paranormal Investigations: On Camera & Off: A discussion about ghost investigations as seen on TV and in the real world. Dave will share real experiences that made it on the air and those that did not. Scares, Laughs, and more.

The VIP and tour options have sold out but there are still a few spots left for his talk that night!

Vendors & Psychics for HIll-Con 2023

Greg Nicholas will be doing a gallery reading at 5pm. Get your Gallery Reading Tickets Under the Night-time Hill-Con Event!


Must have admission for HIll-con in order to Receive a psychic Reading.

Admission is $20 online or $25 at the door


The Deittman Files

“The Deittman Files” is a book series/audio drama and book series following the world renowned (fictional) parapsychologist, Dr. Deittman. Along with his team of paranormal investigators and psychics, the travel to some of the world’s most haunted places and, every now and again, uncover deep, dark mysteries.

Killer, Bones & Stiches

Serial killer memorabilia, bones, haunted artifacts, Horror movie memorabilia, & horror cross stich

Bump In The Night Society

We are a paranormal team from Pittsburgh PA. We also run a podcast called Bump in the Night Society presents Exploring Your Society. We also sell our own merchandise. We’ve been featured on a few different paranormal websites and magazines. We’ve also been guests on several podcasts and have spoke at a few events.

atmoSpheres/Heavyns Oddities

Crystal balls, skulls, towers, carvings and more!

Wild Moon Witchery LLC

Wild Moon Witchery LLC specializes in intuitively crafted soy wax intention candles. Each candle is crafted with an intention in mind, and each part of the candle from the color to the fragrance all the way to the dried herbs and crystals on top ties back to that intention. I also craft intention spell jars, perform reiki healing, and host womxn’s empowerment circles, Mother to Maiden Rituals, and Full & New Moon Rituals. Wild Moon Witchery LLC also operates under the name Wild Moon Weddings to perform original wedding ceremonies and provides day-of coordination services.

Lola & Co Designs

Drinkware, shirts/hoodies, candles/wax melts, horror themed items! Witchy theme items, tarot card holders, crystal shelves and more

Wander Witch Way

I sell hand-painted wood nesting doll sets and figures. All items have a supernatural/horror/creepy element to them.

Higher Healing Witchery INC

My goal is to help people heal, and to help them acknowledge that they deserve love, peace, and happiness in their life.

We have crystals, Jewelery, crystal jewelry, Tarot and oracle cards, incense, tea, alter herbs in witchy supplies

Andrea's creative crafts

Hand stamped and colored cards, tags, and paper crafts. Along with glass banks and acrylic vinyl tumblers.

Andromeda's Apothecary

Herbal based, Astrology, Witchy wears

Legend Hunters Films

Documentary film maker

C. Joy Creations

Handmade soy candles, wax tarts and car Fresheners

Amy & Ryan's Weird Adventures

We’re a duo of occult collectors and creators who use music, sound and sigil work to potentially alter the environment for investigating the paranormal. We’re musicians, authors and creators who have contributed to Haunted Magazine and The Feminine Macabre multiple times, and we offer items for sale pertaining to our work like books, custom sigil stickers and merch, and a tabletop listening station to show guests how our sound experiment works and the potential results.

Custom Tumblers by Kailie

I personalize sublimation tumblers and Epoxy Tumblers

The Rustic Spirit

Pop up metaphysical shop with homemade intention/spell items.

Beaver County Paranomal Team

We are a paranormal team based in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. We have investigated places like Greenville Manor, Hillview Manor, Bellaire House, Gettysburg, Conneaut Lake, and multiple others.

Telluric Waves, LLC

We offer custom laser cut and engraved pieces with hand painting and staining details. We create fiber art for home decor and personalized gifts. We book events and parties with tailor-made creations for partygoers to take home after styling them to their own imagination.

Liliana Marie Creative

Liliana Marie Creative is an education and empowerment based business geared towards the beginner witch or paranormal investigator. Selling (witch)craft supplies, buttons and patches, stones, published works by Lauren Hellekson, and more!

Vicious Creations

Pendants, keychains, gemstone jewelry, artwork, stickers. Mostly witchy themed items. Custom orders done on site.

Kitchen Witch Candles

Handmade candles

The Last Spell

Wood burned diviniation items, pendulums, and crystal runes

Mystic Treasure Crystals

I sell healing crystals, gems, and minerals in raw and polished forms in a huge variety
Tons of crystal carvings spheres, towers and more
Tons of crystal jewelry
Some metaphysical and spiritual items such as incense burners, incense, tarot cards etc
Handmade soap with crystals inside

Lake Witch

Lake Witch: Witchcraft for the Modern Home and Hearth. Established 2018 on the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Witch takes basic witchcraft techniques and makes them modern and accessible to people from all walks of life. She crafts spell kits, floral smoke cleanses, herbal teas, witchy jewelry, ritual tools and more. Lake Witch’s main product is the spell kits. Each kit is beautifully boxed and branded with handmade items, crystals, smoke cleanses, etc. and detailed instructions. All of her wares are meticulously handcrafted with care in their studio using all organic and ethically sourced herbs, florals, crystals and stones when possible. When the Lake Witch isn’t crafting spells she is creating electroformed jewelry. Lake Witch works full-time as a jeweler and witch from her studio in Lakewood, Ohio.

Shell's Confections

Baked goods and chocolate covered items

Creepy Cuties

I make hand-painted nesting dolls and wood figures featuring characters from pop culture, horror, and folklore.

Kitsune Kimono

I upcycle vintage kimono from Japan into more western-friendly wear such as skirts, jackets, and accessories.

Wicked Winters Wonders

Mother/Daughter ran craft shop. We sell witchy/spooky themed items such as mugs, shirts, candles, wreaths, and many more!

Twiner Winks

I craft handmade witch craft items such as authentically made brooms & grimoires.

Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society

Paranormal Investigation team that does private homes/businesses as well as public haunted locations as we try to explain the paranormal and as well as the nonparanormal to help explain what people are experiencing.

AJ's Twisted Treasures

Handmade metaphysical items

Barb's Beads and More!

I make signs, jewelry, keychains and more!

Scentsy Independent Consultant

Scentsy provides various items from cleaning, laundry, warmers, waxes, and more. There are items for everyone. Scentsy also provides an alternative of candles with wickless warmers.

Thoughtful Designs by Holly

Resin art. Runes, Tarot, coasters, decor, etc

Shiplap Shack's Halloween Shop

We create creepy dolls, spell books and bottles. Skull wreaths, centerpieces and other unique. Vampire hunting kits.

Mo Art By John

Handmade artwork from various mediums from graphite, ink, acrylics and even gun powder. Themes appropriate for all ages fitting within the mystic and scary/paranormal genre.

Phantom Hounds Paranormal

Paranormal group.

Anomalies & Oddities

Anomalies & Oddities your one stop for all things strange and different!

We offer a wide range of gifts, novelty items, religious relics,custom jewelry and beyond.

The Ross House

I have a house that I rent out to paranormal teams to investigate.

The Sorrel Saddlebred Boutique

We sell mostly natural (unpolished) rocks/gems and unique jewelry made from them. Also have a line of Halloween themed jewelry, trendy druzy earrings and fun resin keychains

WitchCrafts Soap Co.

We sell mostly natural (unpolished) rocks/gems and unique jewelry made from them. Also have a line of Halloween themed jewelry, trendy druzy earrings and fun resin keychains

New Beginnings

Special intention semi precious gemstone braces, crystal jewelry, crystals and fun themed earrings

Jessica's Cosmic Creations

Wood burning, Painting and cross stitch

Enve Designs

We are laser engraving business that also makes sublimation and vinyl items. We make a variety of jewelry, keychains, tumbler, spirit boards, paranormal decor etc… Along with all that we sell crystals, and pendulums.

Melted Magic

I seek candles wax melts soaps and Orion’s

Private Eye Paranormal

Paranormal Investigation, Equipment, and Mediumship

The Hunters Moon Collective

norah sage is the founder of the hunter’s moon collective and madcraft apothecaries – specializing in beautiful handmade moon wreaths and home decor, as well as carefully crafted divination tools and custom travel altar kits. a queer feminist, activist, artist and heathen, Norah is an eclectic witch who loves bringing joy to others through her art. she creates custom rituals and art based around the origins of ancient practices and folklore. her aesthetic is dark, strange, and femme.