Hill-Con 2023 will take place on  August 12th, 2023 from 11am-5pm 

Join us for the highly anticipated Hill-Con 2023! 

We have an amazing lineup of speakers and vendors coming this year. 

Speakers are included with the daytime ticket fee. You will be able to see any and all of the speakers that we have slated to come to Hill-Con and browse the wares of our many vendors! There will be tons to see and do this year at Hill-Con! 

If you purchase your tickets to Hill-Con in advance, daytime tickets are $18 until March 1st. After March 1st they will go up to $20 (or $25 at the door the day of the event).

  • Hill Con Daytime Events take place from 11am-5pm
    • Speaker times will be announced soon and will be found below with the speaker descriptions
  • 5:00PM: A Gallery Reading with Greg Nicholas – $30 to attend ($35 the day of)
  • 6:00PM: Dave Schrader talk about Ghost Investigations on TV and in the Real World
  • 7:00PM: Tour with Dave Schrader and HVM Staff
  • 8:00PM – 3:00AM: Explore with Dave Schrader (Dave will be in the building until midnight)
The Dave Schrader Talk & Tour & Explore can be purchased individually, or you can purchase the VIP option which includes the Talk + Tour & Explore for a discounted price until March 1st. After March 1st, the price will go up & the cost at the door will increase the day of the event.

Speakers for HIll-Con 2023

Ed Kelemen – 11:15AM-11:45AM

Speaker Topic: Paranormal Fact: Folklore or Fake?

Dave Juliano – 12:00PM-12:30pm

Speaker Topic: Why some cleansings, blessings, and Exorcisms fail 

Eric Altman – 12:45pm-1:15PM

Speaker Topic: Mysterious Chestnut Ridge

Alex Matsuo – 1:30pm-2:00pm

Speaker Topic: Other Ways to Ghost Hunt & How to Avoid Traumatizing Ghosts During Investigations

Alex Matsuo talks about alternate ways of paranormal investigation and will present case studies of successful spirit communication experiences without using upsetting topics to get a response from ghosts.

Heather Taddy – 2:15PM-2:45PM

Speaker Topic: Investigation of the Stephenson Building from Portals to Hell Episode

Jami & Jenny King – 3:00PM-3:30PM

Speaker Topic: C.O.N.T.A.C.T.

Jami and Jenny King formed a group called C.O.N.T.A.C.T who use CE-5 protocols: vibrational frequencies, meditations and human initiated coherent thought sequences using Universal laws, laws of nature, to produce a symbiotic consciousness between human ambassadorship and extraterrestrial beings. 

APRIL BUSSET – 3:45pm-4:15pm

Speaker Topic: Psychic Mediums & Their Role in the Paranormal

Thomas White – 4:30pm-5:00PM

Speaker Topic: Ghosts & Legends of Western Pennsylvania: Origins, Meaning and Context

Dave Schrader - NIght Time Investigation

Dave Schrader will be doing the evening talk, tour, and investigation with the group for Hill-Con.

Vendors & Psychics for HIll-Con 2022

Greg Nicholas will be doing a gallery reading at 5pm. Get your Gallery Reading Tickets Under the Night-time Hill-Con Event!


Must have admission for HIll-con in order to get a psychic Reading. Admission is $15 online or $20 at the door

Greg Nicholas

Psychic/Medium, Psychometry, Sea Shells, Dominos and Palmist

$25 for 15-minute session

Royal Energy Alchemy LLC.

Energy Alchemy Sessions 

$30 for 15-minute Energy Alchemy Session

Past Life & Healing Readings with Karen Kubicko

Utilizing her intuitive psychic skills, Karen sees and discusses your whole soul journey – starting with an introduction to a few of your team members on the other side. Meet your Spirit Guides, Angels, passed over loved ones. Plus – learn more about your past lives and much more.

Orion's Realm

Hi! I’m Shannon. I am a psychic medium and reiki master from Poland, Ohio. Connect with me to hear messages from your guides and angels.

$40 for 30-minute session

Readings by Ronda

Intuitive Readings, Mediumship & Tarot

$40 for 20-minute session

Victoria's Connections

I am an evidential medium, empath and energy healer.

$25 for 20-minute session

The Discerning Crow

Jennifer Wildflower is a trained Shamanic Practitioner (Shaman) local to the Pittsburgh area. Offering insight and healing, Jennifer is passionate about helping others on their journey to living a full life.Shamanic healing is an ancient multifaceted practice, tailored to the individual. Using a variety of sacred tools and methods, shamans can shift energy. One of those methods is shifting their own consciousness into a transcendental state to journey to the invisible realms of reality. It is here where they seek wisdom and insight from spirit guides and spirit animals to help you throughout your healing process.Currently offered with love: 20 minute sessions for $25.

Tom Calhoun Psychic & Spiritual Medium

Psychic & Spiritual Medium

$40 for 30-minute session

Mystical Medicine Woman

Psychic/Medium, Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher.

$25 for 15-minute session

Cindy Willoughby

Cindy Willoughby is a natural born medium that has been connecting with spirits through her entire life.

$30 for 15-minute session

April Busset

Celebrity Psychic Medium, Natural-Born Clairvoyant, remote viewer, automatic writer, ghost hunter, & shaman.

$30 for 15-minute session


Andrea's Creative Crafts

I mainly create hand-stamped and colored greeting cards. Sometimes I will have designed paranormal-themed water bottles and glass banks too. The greeting cards are ones that focus on paranormal-type things such as mermaids, bigfoot, unicorns, loch ness, ghosts, etc.


Crystal balls, skulls, towers, carvings and more!

Haunted Hills and Hallows

Two paranormal books I authored: ‘Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania’ and ‘Haunted Hills and Hollows II: Still Lurking in Greene County Pennsylvania.” Also select books by other paranormal authors, and exclusive canvas prints with a paranormal theme.

Killer, bones, & stiches

Serial killer memorabilia, animal bones, haunted artifacts, horror movie memorabilia, & cross stitch

Bump in the Night Society

👻 We are BUMP IN THE NIGHT SOCIETY! A badass paranormal team from PGH, PA! 👻

Members:Sean (lead)Mikey (lead)Jenn Phil HannaApril

Ghosts N'at Paranormal Adventures

Paranormal events and ghost tours

Enchanted Realms

I make hand poured soy organic candles with gemstones, herbs and are reiki charged. I also make cauldron bath bombs, shower steamers, organic herbs for tinctures and spells, goatmilk soap, witchy items i.e. witchy hats, pins, altar brooms

Vicious Creations

Custom keychains, pendants, crystal pendants, spooky art prints

Barb's Beads and More

I will be selling signs, crystal grids, and resin designs

Wicked Winters Wonders

We like to make witchy/Halloween things. Mugs, shirts, home decor, candles, sage, etc.

Your Best You

Health & energy products.

Wicked rollers

Handmade essential oil rollers and other products.

Skeleton Crew Studios

Custom resin peices, prop replicas, gaming dice, and custom decals

The Fire Inside Bootique

The Fire Inside Bootique, LLC is an enchanted gift shop featuring hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Fairy Gardens, Gnome Homes and Magical Dioramas.Stephanie Lise, Owner & Creator: I am an Eclectic Witch who has been learning and studying various witchcraft niches and divination techniques for 5 years but also a lifetime of training as I also come from many generations of Ancestral Witches.

SheLl's Confections, LLC.

Cake pops/popsicles, chocolate, cookies

2 Realm Paranormal Research

Books, Evidence, and information on our fundraiser.

Trippy Clippies & Kitchen Witch Candles

Trippyclippies is a handmade wired wrapped crystal jewelry small business. We sell crystals, jewelry, ATM/Roach clips, aromatherapy blends.Kitchen witch candles sells candles with crystal chips made with soy wax and essential oils.

Lunette Little Moon

I do Tarot readings and Oracle readings. I do 3 card Tarot spread with a 4th bonus card. I offer a one card yes or no question. Sometimes I will do a Celtic Cross spread.I do one or two card Oracle readings.


We carry a variety of unique and spooky items..horror prints, haunting music and much more!

Higher Healing Witchery

New online business that specializes in healing, spell, archangel, offering to the Gods & Goddess’s, Saints, religious figures and mind/body/soul Jars. All handmade by me. I also have jewelry, witchy supplies, crystals, stickers, herbs, tea and so much more!

Serenity Reiki by Kathy

Kathy Feketik, Serenity Reiki by Kathy, is a Certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Mountain Magic energy healer. Kathy’s technique has a calming and positive affect. She also specializes in removing negative energy from investigators within the paranormal community. She will also be selling protection bracelets, Reiki energy infused homemade soaps and aromatherapy shower melts to name a few.

Creepy Cuties

I sell hand-painted wood nesting doll sets and figures. All items have a supernatural/horror/creepy element to them.

Kylee's Creation's

Custom tumbler cups, resin pieces, candles, shirts

Thoughtful Designs by Holly

I design art varieties, decor, games, and, coasters using resin. Each piece is handmade and unique. Additionally I create customized shadow boxes, home decor, favors, and accessories using a variety of materials.

Badsass Crafts

I sell handmade gemstone jewelry, some tumblers, crochet items, as well as body butters.

Enve Designs

We sell laser engraved paranormal themed items which include jewelry, spirit boards, pendulum boards. We also make paranormal themed cups, koozie, keychains, and t-shirts.

Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society

Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society are a group of people that has the same goal of helping private home owners and business owners understand the paranormal activity going on in their location, even if that means disproving it with a more natural explanation, rather than a supernatural one. 

The Black Cat Cottage

Resin, Wood and Fabric Handmade Goods: Resin and Wood Ouiji Planchettes, magnets and keychains. Wood burning art, fabric essential oil snowmen and gnomes.

Jessicas Cosmic Creations

Paintings, wood burning, cross stitch

Little Black Cat Resin

I sell dragon journals and jewelry varieties of oddity themes too.

WitchCrafts Soap CO

Handmade, artisan soaps, lotions, body butters & bath bombs

Goddess Elite, LLC.

Dowsing rods, other divination tools, cleansing products, cast iron cauldron candles, tshirts, stones/crystals, stone kits, cleansing salts, crystal soaps.

Liliana Marie Creative

Original witchy design graphic T shirts, buttons, plants, local honey that’s been ceremoniously charged by the moon and a small selection of special stones.

Lola & Co Designs

Custom epoxy and sublimation tumblers, spooky candles and wax melts, tarot accessories, crystal and display Shelving, spooky shirts!

Oakmont Paranomal Society

The Oakmont Paranormal Society is one of the oldest teams in Pittsburgh, and we are the OFFICIAL team of the Carnegie Library of Homestead. 
We’ve investigated the Library, as well as Moundsville Prison, Ohio State Reformatory, the Bellaire house, and numerous other locations. 

Redeeming Spirits Paranormal

Paranormal field investigators and historians

Marissa Marie's Market

I sell my handcrafted polymer clay earrings, which are both durable and lightweight! I focus my designs on the spooky & mystical.

C Joy Bailey

Take a moment to truly enjoy the things around you. Scented candles, wax tarts and hand crafted car freshies have given me an opportunity to step back and realize what I have been missing. Challenging myself to see, experience and share what has brought me joy.

The Crafty Coven Occult & Oddities

Occult & oddities featuring all hand made resin art, spell jars, brooms, wands, and more.


Nicam night vision action cameras. Branding around the world for all things Para. Laser technology with detailed quality craftsmanship for every investigation.

Paranomal Destination

New TV series Paranormal Destination.

Crafty Bee's Creations

Handmade polymer clay earrings and accessories