What to expect when you visit

Inside of the building

Hill View Manor is an old, uninhabited building that has falling paint, loose ceiling tiles, broken floor tiles, broken windows, as well as wet and damp areas. Electricity is not available in all parts of the building. The building is unheated and has no air conditioning. You need to consider the following when visiting us:

  • The building and grounds contain surveillance equipment. You will be taped and recorded throughout the property.
  • The building temperature will match the outside temperature and you should dress accordingly.
  • Wear protective shoes that cover your feet.
  • There are restrooms available EXCEPT during cold months when the water service is turned off.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries are required to investigate and move throughout the building. Flashlights that twist to turn on are best for investigating. 
  • Respirators should be worn for protection especially if you are sensitive to dust, dirt, or any allergens that are characteristic of older buildings.
  • The building does not have a working elevator or ramps. The only way between floors is by climbing stairways.
  • For your safety, certain areas of the building are blocked off. You may NOT enter these areas.


There is a break room for your convenience. We have hot and cold drinks available for purchase. The break room and office are heated. The following apply:

  • Smoking is NOT allowed inside the building, but you can smoke outside away from the doors.
  • NO drugs or alcohol are permitted on the property.
  • Food and drink can be brought into our break room. Please clean up and collect your trash before you leave the building. Several local restaurants are open until 11 pm.


If you leave the building please let a staff member in the office know. The building doors are locked so you need to call the office when you return.

Outside of the building

  • Please use concrete walkways and driveways when possible. The outside grounds have dips and holes throughout the lawn.
  • If you are conducting an outside investigation use extra caution when walking and pay close attention to where you are stepping.
  • Do NOT go onto adjacent properties or into the wooded areas of the property.