Private Investigations

Private Investigations are booked when a group wants the building to themselves.

Hill View Manor is offering the following types of investigations:

  • 8-hour Investigations (one 2-hr Live Stream included)
    $800 with $400 deposit to book – $80 additional person fee 
    Available Friday and Saturday 7pm-3am.  
  • 6-hour Investigations (one 2-hr Live Stream included)
    $600 with $300 deposit to book – $60 additional person fee 
    Available Sunday – Thursday. See times below. (Email us to request available dates at
  • 4-hour Investigations (one 2-hr Live Stream included)
    $450 with $225 deposit to book – $45 additional person fee
    Available Sunday – Thursday. See times below. (Email us to request available dates at
  • Private & Special Events – We have a variety of interesting entertainment and promotional programs for you or your organization, including special events and special event planning.  We can assist you and consult with you in putting together a fun and informative social entertainment or business-related special event, including with our superb guided ghost and haunted house tours, educational seminars and conferences in the field of paranormal activity, escape rooms, educational speaker lineup, and paranormal investigation services, and a lot more!  There’s nothing like having your wedding at Hill View Manor! Click here to schedule your special event
  • Guests receive a 1-1.5 hour Historical and Hot Spot Tour of the building followed by their private investigation and are able to do one (2-hour) live stream session of their investigation. (Internet connectivity is not guaranteed) Discuss this with your tour guide when you arrive.
  • Raw photographs, audio, and unedited video footage of paranormal evidence is allowed. If you want to edit the evidence you must sign a Recorded Content Rider. There is an additional fee of $100. Please read the Recorded Content Policy.
  • The group’s organizer will reserve a date using our Calendar or see events below and will be responsible for all payments. The reservation is for 10 guests (age 12 or over). Any group with over 10 guests will pay an additional fee per person.
  • Deposits are required to book with the remaining balance due on the night of the reservation cash preferred. Waivers must be completed and signed by everyone that is attending the investigation. Our RULES have changed please review them before you book.
  • Please note:  WiFi is not available in certain areas of the building. Please read the Live Streaming Policy before you book. 
  • Special Event Investigations or Filming  (Email for pricing and availability)
    Please send your details and scope to Please review our Recorded Content Rider.

Important Things to Know

  • MINIMUM 14-day cancellation required for refund of deposit minus PayPal fees.
  • Everyone must complete a waiver prior to or on the night of the investigation.
  • Everyone must arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour time or you forfeit the 1.5 hr tour.
  • The building takes on outside temperatures please dress accordingly.
  • The building is non-smoking. 
  • You may leave the building to smoke or retrieve items during the night. If you are not coming back in please notify the staff.
  • No open flames are permitted anywhere inside the building.
  • Staff members are available in the office during your investigation.
  • Private video recording of paranormal evidence for personal use (no editing used) is allowable as described in our Waiver. If you are recording and plan on adding credits, logo, voice overs, sound effects/music or any other editing to post to a website or social media or monetize you must email us beforehand at: