An Interview with April Busset

By: Denise Bollinger

My article for the Spring of 2023 brought a totally new and wonderful experience. I had the great pleasure of getting to know one of the many psychics who has visited Haunted Hill View Manor and will be returning in June. Ms. April Busset. April is very excited to be returning to our location and stated she has had many varying experiences in and around the location. 

This was my first interview with a psychic and I found her to be quite a lovely and sweet woman. She spoke of her personal family life, which includes her dog, a Shih Tzu named Frank, who has quite the personality himself. Having spoken to her for a brief period of time, I could sense a very down-to-earth person who is open to giving anyone who she reads an experience they will not soon forget and feel touched to their very core. At the very least this was my experience. 

She explained that she can sense spirits before she arrives at a location. We talked about the spirit she made contact with that was present on the grounds of Hill View Manor, a gentleman who she felt was reaching out to her, a shadow. She then proceeded to explain the visual in her mind an assortment of shadow figures throughout the building. A favorite spot is on the Third Floor. She saw a shadow figure who had a physical effect on her hands. It felt as if she had little control over what her hands were doing at the time, it was intriguing, but she also knew she had to regain control over the movements and quickly did just that. This shadow also likes to rush people but only to evoke a reaction in the investigators who are present. Many investigators have also witnessed this shadow figure who tends to lurk in the dark recesses of that floor. 

The second area she finds a favorite is in the basement. There are several spirits that haunt that area of the building. The most familiar include George in the boiler room, a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Also, of course in the Artifacts room, Isabella and Courtney.  Little Courtney is a child spirit, possibly an orphan from the Poor Farm days. While we were talking April picked up on a spirit with the letter “A” on the end of the name, a woman, older with long grey hair. I said, “Isabella?” yes, it was Isabella. Isabella made her presence known 4 years ago in the month of April. She is an immigrant from Italy and has shared her love for the food of her country and her family. April was able to tell me a bit more about our Isabella. She is a spirit who has an almost divided personality. She can be a good person and nice and then she can be fearless in a way that almost seems to be a form of mania. One tiny piece of information is that she tends to giggle when feeling fearless. On Monday, April 24th, several of us went down to see what she might do. It was truly amazing to hear that very giggle and catch it on video. I knew at that very moment I could say, the information was very accurate and can be even more intriguing to all who visit. 

April further explained that she is not only a psychic medium but also a “Data-logger.” This is someone who has visual evidence of what happens when she is experiencing her art form, as she likes to name her gifts. While filming an event there appeared a cone-shaped object from the top of her head reaching upward, toward the sky. Because it was actually caught on video, and as exciting as it is, she can now provide proof of a scientific answer to the paranormal world, that it is real and has been seen. 

April will be attending our Psychic Fair event on June 3, 2023. She will be doing personal readings throughout the day, by appointment only, and she also a Gallery reading at 6 pm. She will then remain with us for the 7 pm walk-through investigation with other investigators who are attending the event. Book your tickets online, this is one event you will not want to miss!