Ghost Hunting Tips

By: Melissa Keen

Every haunted location has its own story and personality. Hill View Manor is no different. So it follows that each location has its own tips and tricks to make for a more successful investigation. Here’s a few that can help when you’re trying to communicate with our spirits. 

Let’s talk equipment. No matter what equipment you use – be it flashlights and cat balls to SLS cameras and thermal imaging- you have to know how to properly use it. Everyone is excited to get that new tech up and running, but breaking open that box for the first time at your location is not a good idea. You should take the time to set it up properly, including charging it or making sure you have the right batteries. Read the manual. You’d be surprised how many features you are missing out on by not knowing your equipment. And last but not least, experiment with it. Use it at home, outside, try it in different environments and get comfortable with using it so you aren’t fumbling with it in the dark.

And don’t worry if you don’t have the high tech gadgets you see on tv. Some of our best activity has been through less expensive equipment. Bill Boots loves to communicate through a flashlight, Jeffrey likes all types of balls and cars, Ellie likes pinwheels, jimmy likes anything he can light up, and many of our spirits like music. 

Next up, respect. When investigating, you need to show respect to the spirits. Provoking is never the right answer. It’s disrespectful to the spirits and not a good way to investigate. The majority of the residents at Hill View were elderly or infirm. Some suffered traumatic deaths. Calling them names, shouting at them, making demands, and harassing them is rude and unprofessional. And may not get the response you like. Angelo in particular can be quite sensitive to provoking and has shut down activity not only in his hallway, but the whole building. Treat the spirits with kindness and respect. And…provoking is strictly prohibited at Haunted Hill View Manor and can result in your entire party being removed from the property. Be kind, show respect, and enjoy your investigation.

Hill View volunteer Paul Rico says “The best ghost detecting thing seems to be just your body and how you feel things and just paying attention to what your body is telling you whether it’s chills or just an overwhelming creepy feeling telling you to leave an area.  There is nothing like hearing a disembodied scream with your ears.”