Halloween of Days Gone By

By: Denise Bollinger

It seems that a little over a week ago was Halloween. The scary ghosts and goblins have come and gone, well some ghosts have gone, but some remain. Haunted Hill View Manor is known as a place for spirits year round and we know they stay long after the Halloween season is over. Many who visit wonder and wait for the chance to experience that opportunity to contact a spirit or entity at this haunted location and when they do the thrills are both scary and wonderful at the same time.

Everyone knows that Halloween has been around for many, many years. There are folklore and tantalizing tales of scary ghost stories passed down throughout the centuries and shared over and over again. Tales of Jack-O-Lanterns and how they came to be. The witches are both frightening and good ones, that scare us when they are flying on their broomsticks through the dark skies, casting magic spells to all who gaze upon them.

But what about those spirits who still reside at Haunted Hill View Manor? What is the reason behind them, seemingly, becoming so active during the month of October? Specifically, Halloween? Could it be they loved the holiday because they got to step out of their quiet worlds for just a little while and enter into the “dress-up ” world of make-believe”? Did they enjoy a childhood pastime when they enjoyed running through their neighborhoods and darkened fields of night and scaring people with the fun antics of children they remember fondly?

There are not a lot of stories about those spirits and how they might have celebrated at Hill View Manor but we do have some really cute pictures of the former residents partaking in the Halloween hi-jinks and festivities. What looks quite interesting is the costumes reflect a time when the modern costumes of today, were not available. Back in the day, of course, costumes were simply thrown together with materials people had on hand. Most of the pictures reflect this time period and also lend to the creativity of the person dressing up. So it was a time period and originality shown in the residents’ Halloween look.

It does appear from some of the photos taken at Hill View Manor or the county home, that they did have quite a time celebrating. And those of you who still visit all of the wonderful spirits who still reside there, still do. We wish everyone a happy Holiday season and hope to see all of you back at Haunted Hill View Manor in 2024.