Evidence Photos

By: Melissa Keen

Evidence in the paranormal takes on many forms. A flashing REMPod, shadows moving, voices through a spirit box, and so much more. Getting video of activity or capturing a clear EVP can be exciting! But often overlooked are still photos. They  seem to be dismissed as easily debunked. Does that mean they’re useless during an investigation. We don’t think so. 

Recently, we asked on our Facebook page for our guests best still photos of activity captured at Haunted Hill View Manor. The 3 best submissions- as voted on by our staff – are featured right here. (To see all the submissions visit our Haunted Hill View Facebook page.) Here we go!

These photos were captured by Jessica VanDyke. She joined Brian Hreha and our Hill Crew for a livestream investigation on November 1st. She had the laser grid set up and noticed an area where the lasers were obscured. She snapped two quick pictures. In the first you can see the area, in the second picture – it’s gone. Great catch! 

The second photo was submitted by Sage Gatto. He was investigating in One North and took this picture looking down the hall. There was no one in the area. The only other people were behind Sage. It looks like there’s a figure standing on the left side of the hall, and a hospital bed on the right.  One North is always active! Another great catch!

The last – but certainly not least – photo was captured by Scott and Mary DeMacio from Unearthly Descendants. This was taken in the basement before George’s room. You can see the open door to George’s behind the figure on the left. It appears to be a shadow figure walking into a wall. There was no one in the hallway in front of them. This is an incredibly compelling piece of evidence! Great catch!!


If you’re investigating at Hill View Manor, take some time to snap some still photos – always take a few in a row – and go over them. You never know what you’re going to catch!