The Chapel

By: Denise Bollinger

Facing the winter blues and boredom? It won’t be long now until we will all be back at Haunted Hill View Manor and visiting all the hot spots and favorite spirits who never fail to draw us into the paranormal world. Opening day is March 9, 2024, so book your times now. There are times when they are quite active and other days when they are silent. Seasoned investigators will always have their own spirits they interact with but there are many more areas that deserve repeat visits.

One such area that you can visit is The Chapel. My very first to Haunted Hill View Manor visit, some 13 years ago now, was this very spot. For most of the evening the building remained a bit calm. A few smells or odors here and there. We finally ventured into the Chapel area. Manned with beginner type of equipment first-time investigators managed to have, voice recorders, flashlights, and a few others, we had no idea of the activity we would soon experience. 

Feeling a little disappointed but hopeful we would find that first-time thrill of intelligent interaction with a spirit. We placed 3 Maglite flashlights on the top of the stage area and waited. It was a slow start but when we enlisted the help of some music, well, there was a spirit interacting in a most surprising way. At first, it was just a flicker here and there but with the playing of a Johnny Cash song we hit on something. This spirit just loved the music of the man in black. Music was the key to communicating with this spirit. Another investigator sometime later gave his name as Oscar, thank you to Donnie Graham for this information. Oscar, as he has is now known by name, simply provided with us with about 20 minutes of intelligent communication. How do you know this was intelligent, you may ask? Within a few seconds of lighting the flashlights, we noticed a bit of a change. Not only were they being lit up, but the flashing coincided with the rhythm of the music as if this spirit was clapping and having a good time. 

Some skeptics may say that there is a reason those flashlights acted that way. Maybe. Our group would return on 3 different occasions to investigate and we got the very same results, flashing to the rhythm of the beat. It is a bit hard to be a skeptic when you have a consistent experience that we did. Oscar has repeated this type of interaction with many others on different occasions. The Chapel is also known to have a variety of “scents” as well. Some say they smell candles, and others flowers. Historically, funerals were held in the Chapel and in more recent years, some brides have requested to be married there. Everyone will have different experiences and sharing those with others helps with their investigations. The next time you visit us, please spend some time with Oscar and the other souls who have passed through this wonderful Hot Spot.