Scare Manor 2023

By: Melissa Keen

As night descends, fog rolls in. Figures begin moving in the darkness. Footsteps move closer. And in the distance, a bloodcurdling scream…the gates to Scare Manor opened.

September 29th marked the beginning of our fourth season of Scare Manor, and we were open offering thrills and chills through the end of October. Located in the field and outbuildings behind Haunted Hill View Manor, staff and volunteers delivered screams and scares to our guests brave enough to check in!

Scare Manor enjoyed our busiest season yet and we continue to grow! This season saw the maze expand further into the field, doubled the amount of scares – both inside and out – and added many new, hard-working scare actors and set builders.

Our add-on tours of the main building were very popular! Our guests loved hearing about our history and the paranormal activity inside Haunted Hill View Manor. They were the perfect lead-up to experiencing Scare Manor!!

Building on the success of our previous years, Scare Manor continues to get bigger and better every year! What will our 5th year bring? More screams, more scares, and more memories…

Scare Manor Season 5, coming to Haunted Hill View Manor in Fall 2024.