Hot Spot Nights

By: Melissa Keen


In the normal world, a hot spot is defined as an area that is higher in temperature than the immediate surrounding area. In the paranormal world, a hot spot is an area with higher reported paranormal activity than the surrounding area. Haunted Hill View Manor has several hot spots and our staff loves to share them with our guests, and this is how Hot Spot Night was created.

Once a month, our staff hosts Hot Spot Night at Haunted Hill View Manor. It’s all hands on deck for our staff as we invest in various spots throughout the building with our guests.

Some of the favorites hot spots are One North, Eli’s Boiler Room, Angelo’s hallway, Jeffrey and Mary Aiello’s hallway, the basement, and the third floor. These areas have heightened activity and never disappoint. They are the favorites of all our guests and staff. For Hot Spot Night, we select 3 locations and investigate alongside our guests for one hour, and live stream in each location.

Along with visiting these hot spots, it’s a great opportunity to learn new investigative techniques and be able to participate in them such as the Estes method which is an innovative technique to communicate with spirits. It’s also a great way to get hands-on experience using equipment that may be coat prohibitively. Our staff brings in their own equipment for guests to use including a phasma box SLS Camera, tripwire, and more.

Hot Spot Night is a favorite for both our guests and staff for so many reasons. Come on out to Haunted Hill View Manor and join us for an upcoming Hot Spot Night! Check our website and sign up for one today!!