Ellie & Tucker

By: Melissa Keen When people think of Haunted Hill View Manor, some the spirits that come to mind are Jeffrey, Angelo, Eli, Mary Virginia, and George. These are some of our well known resident spirits that have been communicating with guests for years. But they aren’t the only spirits here. We have “new” spirits, or […]

Courtney & Isabella

By: Denise Bollinger A visit to Haunted Hill View Manor is always an experience and adventure. Although there are many spirits who have been favorites over the years there are many more to be discovered. Two spirits who have been discovered not so long ago are Isabella and Courtney.  They are found in the basement […]

Kids Trick or Treat 2022

By: Melissa Keen Sunday October 23rd was Kids Trick or Treat, or as we call it…the best day of the year at Haunted Hill View Manor! From 1-3pm, kids of all ages Haunted or building as they went looking for treats. The Fire department set up a pumpkin patch, rooms were decorated by friends, family, […]

Hill-Con 2022 Was A HIT!

Hill-Con 2022 was absolutely amazing! We had so many great speakers, psychics, and vendors and everyone who came out was wonderful! Thank you to all of those who came out to our Paranormal Convention! We can’t wait to see you next year!  

April Busset, Psychic Medium

By: Melissa Keen When you think of the word gift, several things come to mind…brightly wrapped packages under a tree, a talented athlete, dancer, or singer. Someone with an extra something that makes them stand out in some way. But there’s another kind of gift. The gift of the mind, the soul, the spirit.  April […]

Who is Greg Nicholas?

Oracles, Mystics, Soothsayers…through the years we’ve heard all these terms and they all equate to the same thing…Psychics. People who have visions, can see the future through cards, runes, tea leaves, those who can channel the mind and spirits. Here at Haunted Hill View Manor, We are lucky enough to have gifted psychics visit us […]

Hill View’s Exclusive Interview with Dave Juliano

By: Melissa Keen When you think of spirits, you conjure up images of women in Victorian dress gracefully floating down the hall, men in uniform standing guard, or playful children running and laughing. But what happens when the spirits show themselves and they aren’t these benevolent spirits. What happens when they are dark, dangerous, or […]

Women of the Paranormal Recap

On Saturday, June 25th, Haunted Hill View Manor was proud to present the Women of the Paranormal featuring para-celebrities Heather Taddy and Kristin Lee.  Heather is a researcher and investigator best known for her appearances on Paranormal State, Alien Highway, and Portals to Hell. Heather also appears with Katrina Weismann on their YouTube show Travel […]

Employee Spotlight – Sue & Ken

By: Dawn Chute In this newsletter, we are spotlighting two of our outstanding employees!! They are none other than Sue and Ken the Creative Directors of Scare Manor!! They also are an integral part of our staff in Haunted Hill View Manor.   Sue has been interested in the paranormal for her whole life, “I grew […]

Mary Aeillo

By: Denise Bollinger One of the little unknown spirits in Haunted Hill View Manor is a woman named Mary Aeillo. She was affectionately known to her family as Aunt Tina. We had the good fortune to have Mary’s family visit our building about 3 years ago and share with us a little more about her […]