HHVM Livestream

By: Melissa Keen

Down the dark hallways of Hill View Manor, equipment is set up, lights are set up, and the video starts… it’s live stream night! Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm, our dedicated Hill Crew streams investigations from 2 separate locations inside the building. Along with investigating, our crew shared upcoming events, discusses evidence, paranormal activity, answers questions in the chat, and more!

Our livestream investigations began in 2020. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our business was one of the many that closed its doors. We decided to start weekly live streams as a way to stay engaged with our followers, guests, and friends. To provide some paranormal content, stay in touch with everyone- including our residents, and have some fun! They have grown into so much more! We now have between 800 to 1000 people reached every week from all over the globe. We have people checking in from The UK, Ireland, and even Australia, and NZ!

None of this would be possible without our outstanding Hill Crew!

Anchoring our Hill Crew Livestream Team are our anchors – Ken Azzarello, Sue Vesch, Donnie Graham, and Dale Rodgers. Every week you see their smiling faces as they bring you the live streams. Recently, David Bordonaro joined the crew. We also have Melissa Keen who appears on the livestream occasionally but does most of her work behind the scenes. Our crew works tirelessly to bring you new and exciting content, in sometimes frigid temperatures or blistering heat.

We are thrilled to have guests join us on live streams. We have frequent visitors, paranormal teams, and psychics like Gregory Nicholas –  who is a member of our Hill View Family. Our guests bring a unique perspective to our investigations and we love sharing new experiences with them and all of our online guests. It’s a wonderful way to share our building’s history and residents with people all over the world. Maybe you can’t make it to Hill View Manor, but we can share it with you!

Join us every Wednesday night starting at 7pm on our Facebook page and explore Haunted Hill View Manor with our awesome Hill Crew. We look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you!