The Atrium

By: Melissa Keen


One North. If you’re familiar with Haunted Hill View Manor, you know this place very well. Easily one of the most active locations in the building.

Built as part of the 1977 addition, One North was the medical wing and acute care patient rooms. With over 20 rooms for patients, it was a start of the art facility for the patients in need of the most care.

At the end of the hallway is the Atrium. This beautiful multipurpose room was used for Catholic services on Sundays, was the smoking lounge when smoking was still permitted indoors, patients could meet with their families and have meals, play games, watch tv, and enjoy all types of entertainment including a local gentleman who would come in and play the organ for them. The room is filled with light and was a great place for everyone to relax.

Before the addition was built, this area was part of the attached farmland that residents maintained during the Poor Farm days – 1926 to 1960’s. We have EVP recordings of cows, pigs, and chickens. We’ve checked many times to make sure a wayward farm animal wasn’t outside. But were greeted with nothing but darkness and quiet. Going back further, this land was home to a Native American tribe and we have recordings of drums and chanting. It’s both haunting and powerful.

Now, the Atrium seems to be overlooked, but it’s just as active as One North itself. During the day, we are frequently visited by woodland creatures such as deer, bunnies, and the ever-present groundhogs. You may have spotted Pog and Phil, to of the resident groundhogs who will come right up to the windows! But spirits are also present whether it’s day or night.

We have videos of shadow figures moving, reports of a white mist in the form of a person going in and out of the door. We frequently hear voices talking and singing, furniture being moved, music playing, and we’ve heard the organ playing…and it’s not plugged in.

The Atrium is a beautiful location in Haunted Hill View Manor. It’s also very active. Make sure to spend some time in the Atrium the next time you visit. Let’s see which spirits will communicate with you.