Mary Virginia’s Story

By: Denise Bollinger
A contest was held this past year for our guests to tell us where their favorite hot spots are. Mary Virginia’s room was one of the winners of the contest. It is no small wonder that she was selected as a most popular spot.
 When you arrive at the building you will be given a tour of the site. Without fail the most eye-opening room is Mary Virginia’s. There are a lot of varying reactions to all the magic her room holds. Many people are mesmerized to see all of her jewelry, baby dolls, stuffed animals and storybooks. Some think she was doing well at Mardi- Gras celebrations but the truth is she loved to play dress-up. Everyone who has some previous knowledge, whether from repeat visits or word of mouth, bring her many trinkets and special gifts to show their love of her. The amount and large array of things prove how much she is loved. 
 Mary Virginia was born on Christmas Eve 1917. She was an orphan who came to live at the location for most of her life, until the building was closed in 2004. Records state she adored Christmas, her favorite holiday of all. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and remained in a childlike state all of her life. She loved to play dress-up and all the generous gifts help her to continue to enjoy one of those joyous past times. Her favorite story, “The Night Before Christmas” can be read to her and open up the interactions with her a little bit more. At bedtime, she insisted when she was getting her night clothes on for bed the staff had to dress her baby doll as well so they could go to sleep dressed properly. 
 She will swing her favorite necklace when you ask her to let you know she is with you and trying to communicate. Always a gentle spirit in life she was reportedly sweet to all the staff. As much as we all enjoy visiting with her, taking in the wonders of her room she also enjoys all of our visits. 
 Congratulations go to Mary Virgina for this honor of being one of the best places to visit at Haunted Hill View Manor. Be sure to book a date time for you and your family and friends. You can find the information on our calendar for the 2023 season. When you do please stop and say hello to her.