Jeffrey’s Room

By: Dawn Chute


In Oct 1926, the Lawrence County home for the Poor and Aged opened. This would come to be known as Hill View Manor. On the day the facility opened its doors, with the warden and his staff, were the first 20 inmates. Although the facility normally did not take children, among this group were two young boys. The older one was adopted, relatively quickly. The younger one remained at the home. Reports from that time are unclear on his fate. 

When Hill View made its transition from poor farm to nursing home, reports of a young boy visiting residents at the end of their lives occurred. As more and more of these occurrences were notated, it was discovered that when the resident reported seeing the young boy, they passed away within 24 hrs. It wasn’t just residents who saw this boy, it was the nurses too. Nurse’s reports left from that time detail several examples of observing this young boy. 

Thru communications with paranormal investigators, we have discovered that the name of this boy is Jeffrey. While we don’t know for sure what room he lived in, we do know Jeffrey’s spirit calls the room on the second floor his own. Jeffrey loves to play, for example: he likes to roll the ball back and forth, he enjoys manipulating cat toys so they light up, he has an affinity for fire trucks, but most of all, he loves baseball and Babe Ruth!

There has been a lot of evidence gathered in and around Jeffrey’s room. Videos exist of him moving the cat balls, moving his trucks back and forth, and of him skipping across the hall. When you come to Haunted Hill View Manor, make sure to stop up and say hello to Jeffrey!