Evidence Night 2022

By: Dawn Chute

Evidence Night 2022 was a great success. There were some big changes this year! We centralized admissions to a single email account, that let us keep a much better handle on what was submitted. We also changed how voting was conducted. We posted the entries to our Facebook page and had public voting for several days making it as transparent as possible. The winner of each category was then announced.

That’s when the fun began! On Oct 1st we held our event. There was a great turnout. We talked about each category and went over the entries for each. The winners for each category were announced. The group then decided who won the Grand Prize.

The winner of the still photo was an awesome catch in Eli’s Boiler room!! You can see the shadow on the left. This piece of evidence was captured by Janet Cook! There is never any shortage of activity and is personally one of my favorite places in the Manor.



The winner of the video also caught something cool! Orbs are always a fun find, and we have no shortage of them here at Hill View. Richie Siget caught a great representation of them.

The Winners of the Audio also happen to be our Grand Prize Winners! Justin Naylor and Stacy Bonnell. We listen to hours and hours of audio a year. Both our personal evidence as well as Hill View. It is very rare when each of our staff members who listened was blown away! It is one of the clearest EVPs I personally have heard.  Take a listen for yourself.

From the entire staff at Hill View Manor thank you for all your submissions, votes, and excitement over the new format. Over the off-season, we will do our best to make next year bigger and better!