Trick or Treat for a Cause

By: Melissa Keen

Officer Dan Tressler and his K9 partner Kallo, make their way down One North at Haunted Hill View Manor. They’re surrounded by moving shadows, ghosts, ghouls, and creatures of all type. They reach the end of the hallway and slowly enter the atrium. What do they find? Kids, candy, cookies, and fun!!! It’s Trick or Treat and they are our guests of honor!!

We’ve said it many times that Trick or Treat is our favorite event at Haunted Hill View Manor!! We love hearing the laughter, seeing the smiles, and experiencing the joy and fun of the kids as they “haunt” our hallways in search of candy!

Volunteers decorate rooms up and down One North and hand out candy and treats to superheroes, princesses, and all the other costumed characters that come to visit.

But while this event is a great day for everyone, it isn’t just about the fun. Our owner strongly believes in giving back to our community and that’s what this event is all about. All the proceeds from the day are donated to Officer Tressler and Kallo – our Shenango Twp K9 Unit. They are an important part of our community and we love supporting them.

At this years event, we were able to donate $1400 to Officer Tressler and Kallo. The money helps with certifications, vet visits, training, and more.

There was also a 50/50 drawing and one of the room sponsors- Charity Heim – was the winner. With her very generous heart, she donated her winnings back to Officer Tressler and Kallo.

These are some of the reasons why our annual Trick or Treat event is the best day of the year at Haunted Hill View Manor!!