Employee Spotlight – Sue & Ken

By: Dawn Chute

In this newsletter, we are spotlighting two of our outstanding employees!! They are none other than Sue and Ken the Creative Directors of Scare Manor!! They also are an integral part of our staff in Haunted Hill View Manor.  

Sue has been interested in the paranormal for her whole life, “I grew up in a haunted house on Boyer St in Pittsburgh”. She saw many spirits including a woman and several children. “It terrified my mom but not my grandmother, I wasn’t sure what to believe, I was seeing them but was I really”? Her grandmother tried to communicate with them. “ I learned a lot from my Grandmother. She was very fond of the ouija board and she taught me how to use them.” Her love of horror started young as well. “I used to watch Tales from the crypt and the twilight zone”.

Sue and Ken started building haunted houses as fundraisers for the community in 2010. “We have the football players to scare the community, they also earn Community service hours, now we are still doing what we love! 12 years later we are in our 3rd season of scare Manor and every year we are getting bigger and better!” 

Ken got into the paranormal at the age of 12 when the spirit of a soldier showed itself to himself and his Grandmother.

Together they have been investigating for years, Ken being a skeptic and Sue a believer. Through the investigations, Ken has become more open to all the possibilities. They have traveled all over and investigated many places however Haunted Hill View Manor is their favorite. Not because they work here but because of the Spirits and evidence they capture is incredible, It is truly their second home.  

They each have a favorite spot in the Manor, Sue loves the basement and a spirit named Courtney.”Courtney is so playful,I love to go talk and visit with her” Sue says. Ken loves one north.

Scare Manor is their baby. They work on it every day. If not sketching things out, brainstorming or long days building things it is truly a year-long project. Sue just loves the doll room. She has been collecting dolls for many years. “ I even have a few haunted dolls”  Vintage dolls and vintage Halloween decorations can be found in Scare Manor.

Ken says that he simply can’t pick a favorite because it changes and grows so often.

We at Haunted Hill View Manor are blessed to have such a hard-working couple choose to work with us. Their contribution and dedication can not be overstated. They love and care for all of us like family and that feeling is mutual.