Women of the Paranormal Recap

On Saturday, June 25th, Haunted Hill View Manor was proud to present the Women of the Paranormal featuring para-celebrities Heather Taddy and Kristin Lee. 

Heather is a researcher and investigator best known for her appearances on Paranormal State, Alien Highway, and Portals to Hell. Heather also appears with Katrina Weismann on their YouTube show Travel the Dead. 

Kristin is an investigator, researcher, and psychic medium. She is the owner of the Bellaire House, an accomplished author of several books, and has appeared on multiple tv shows. 

The ladies opened the evening to a packed house with a video presentation highlighting their experiences, investigative techniques, and locations they’ve investigated. They discussed using different apps to investigate including Spiritus, Necrodice, Necrophonic, and Miracle Box, and discussed the effectiveness of each one. They completed their presentation with a Q&A session and discussion with the audience. 

They then joined the group on a tour through building, after which they were in the lobby for pictures, autographs, and paranormal discussions of all types. The ladies were involved all night with our guests, participated in a livestream investigation, and were an all around delight to have with us. 

If you have the opportunity to meet these wonderful ladies, make sure you do so. They are experienced, kind, warm, wonderful ladies and we were thrilled to have them Haunted Hill View Manor!!