Mary Aeillo

By: Denise Bollinger
One of the little unknown spirits in Haunted Hill View Manor is a woman named Mary Aeillo. She was affectionately known to her family as Aunt Tina. We had the good fortune to have Mary’s family visit our building about 3 years ago and share with us a little more about her story. They explained to the staff that evening that they were indeed surprised to discover ” Aunt Tina ” was one of our featured spirits and were pleased to know she was not forgotten.
Mary is one of our most fun spirits. She was born without eyes and therefore blind from before birth. She also suffered from extreme OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorders are characterized by consistent and repetitive behaviors. Mary’s particular behaviors involved a constant need to wash her hands, no less than 15 times a day. Since Mary had to wash her hands so frequently, her room was placed directly across the hall from the resident’s restroom. She developed the skill of counting how many steps from her rocking chair to the first sink location and back so as to not burden the already busy staff. Mary was free to come and go to wash her hands as often as she needed or liked to do, a sense of independence for a woman of her age. 
Mary also loved to play bingo. Many types of activities were made available to the residents of Hill View Manor when it was open. Some have asked ” how can a blind woman possibly play bingo? ” Back in the day, late seventies braille bingo cards were made available to the blind or perhaps she had a nurse’s aide or volunteer to assist her. When you visit her room, you will see a few bingo cards and dabbers for Mary to play in the afterlife.
Mary was full of life during her time at Hill View Manor. She was very loud-spoken according to former employees and would frequently disturb other residents on the second floor. A one point in time her rocking chair, which she would rock in had to have pieces of carpeting placed on the rungs in order to make it quieter. She loved to play tricks or pranks on the staff who worked the second floor. She would ring the call bell for the staff to come back and straighten her bed covers. As soon as she knew they were coming she would remove her prosthetic eyes, hide them in the blankets and proceed to cross the hall to wash her hands. She would wait and listen for the reaction to her eyes rolling out and startling the staff. She knew she could cause a new person to always be reactive and loved every minute of it. 
A former CNA, certified nurse’s aide shared her personal stories of having taken care of Mary. She said she was quite loud and often times would be asked to quiet down a bit. This was a hard one for Mary because of her sense of humor. She would recite little snippets of poems she learned, some of them were a little improper, but spoke those words loud enough to be heard in the hallway. The same nurse’s aide recalled the day Mary was transferred from Hill View Manor and placed in a local nursing home in New Castle. She was working just down the hall and heard a familiar voice coming into the building. She told her co-workers, “That is Mary Aiello.” She excused herself to go and say hello and greeted the woman who she once again would be taking care of.
Being the fun spirit on the Second floor, Mary continues to entertain and be entertained by investigators who love to tell her jokes. Her shadow spirit has also been seen crossing the hall going to wash her hands to this day. Rest well Mary and know we still visit and enjoy your company. 
Mary Christine Aiello
BIRTH 14 Feb 1916
Pennsylvania, USA
DEATH 14 Jul 2011 (aged 95)
Pennsylvania, USA
Saint Vitus Cemetery
New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, USA
MEMORIAL ID 147502570 · View Source
Mary Christine Aiello, 95, passed away the morning of July 14, 2011 at Golden Hill Nursing Home.
Born in New Castle on February 14, 1916, Mary was the daughter of the late Louis and Carolina Marino Aiello. Mary was a parishioner of St. Vitus Church. She was a member of the Lawrence County Blind Association and enjoyed attending their events. Mary also loved spending time with her family.
She is survived by a brother, Michael Aiello and wife Ellen, one sister, Dolly Mastroianni, a sister-in-law, Mary Aiello, all of New Castle, and numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews.
In addition to her parents, Mary is preceded in death by two brothers, Joseph Aiello, Sam Aiello, and four sisters, Genevieve Fidell, Angeline Grant, Jennie Villa and Frances Aiello.