Public Investigation Etiquette

We have a lot of people ask us, what is the proper way to investigate? In my opinion there isn’t really a proper way.  Everyone has their own style that suits them.  Some are more scientific about it, where others do it for personal experience.  I don’t believe anyone is a professional at this, but there are some common curiosities that should be followed during a public investigation.  You are with others that may not investigate like you and that should be respected.

Common Courtesy   

1. You don’t want to whisper while recording, but you also don’t want to be loud.  While moving from one location to the next, please keep your voice down to a minimum.  Don’t let doors slam behind you.  Walk calmly as to not cause loud footsteps. 

2. Walking around with flashlights on all night will not only interfere with other people investigating, but will also restrict your chances of capturing or witnessing activity.  We suggest you find a location and stay in that location for at least 10-15 minutes before moving on.  Find a comfortable spot and shut off your flashlights as they can interfere with your eyes and adjusting to the dark.  

3. If you happen upon another group investigating,  move to another location. You can ask them if they mind if you join them, but if they prefer to be alone, don’t take offense to it.  Some people prefer to hunt alone or with only their group. 

4. When going out to your vehicle, smoking outside, or investigating outside the building, please be as quiet as possible as sound travels throughout the building.

5. If you have a problem with another investigator, please do not approach them in an angry manor.  Tell our staff about it and we will handle it. 

6. Loud equipment shouldn’t be used during public investigations.  If you can hear the equipment from another room, then it’s probably too loud.  Ghost boxes are commonly used during investigations and as long as they are kept at a normal volume they don’t cause problems. Please use good judgement. 


If you’re new to ghost hunting, please know that you do not need to have a ton of expensive equipment to investigate. We offer equipment rental (must be reserved) of basic equipment but we do not offer a voice recorder. We do suggest you bring one with you as they capture some of the best evidence. Any type of recorder will do, but you can do some research online and find the best one for you.  You can pick up a recorder at your local department store.  

Many people also enjoy using flashlights as equipment. The flashlights that you turn on by twisting the end are what we use to investigate. I suggest the Maglite brand.  Push button flashlights aren’t used in capturing evidence, but have been known to turn off and on. They are fine to use for navigating in the dark.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. There are no stupid questions. We understand that you are new to this and will have questions.  We were all new to this at one time and want you to have a great experience and fun investigating.