Frater Crow

Rev. Frater Crow is an ordained occult minister, practitioner, and mystic. Spending the better part of the last 2 decades connecting with spirits and entities of various natures and planes. Through the use of experimentation and esoteric sciences he has been able to break barriers to new depths of connection and realization.  Though his methods are unorthodox and to some extreme, he has never stopped venturing further down the rabbit hole.
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Speaker Topic: Understanding Spiritual Phenomena Through The Lens Of Ethereal Dynamics And Quantum Optics/Mysticism 
The paranormal and supernatural realms might not be as mysterious as they have always been thought to be. What if you could establish a connection/bridge linking the physical world around us, to the mental world, to the spirtual planes? What if through the mechanics of energy manipulation and motion, you could direct spiritual currents to the path of least resistence and into a clearer stronger experience? Now team that up with a better and clearer understanding of the universe and reality at large and you are on your way to much deeper levels of connection with everything, including yourself.
Learn how connection, concentration, visualization, breath work, and trance like states can dramatically change your results, and life.
As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so is the soul.