Who is Greg Nicholas?

Oracles, Mystics, Soothsayers…through the years we’ve heard all these terms and they all equate to the same thing…Psychics. People who have visions, can see the future through cards, runes, tea leaves, those who can channel the mind and spirits. Here at Haunted Hill View Manor, We are lucky enough to have gifted psychics visit us frequently. Greg Nicholas is one of those psychics.

Greg is a fourth generation natural psychic, descended from his great-grandmother in Italy. Greg always knew he was gifted. He had his first experience when he was 4 years old and saw the spirit of a deceased loved one at her funeral.

Greg is a gifted reader who has clients all over the world, and he travels across the country giving readings and helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed beyond. Along with his natural gifts, Greg can conduct readings using tarot, seashells, and palmistry.

At Hill-Con, along with offering private readings, Greg will be conducting a gallery reading. During a gallery reading, Greg invites any spirits present to come forward and share their best and highest messages. He employs a lot of protection so nothing negative can come through. Greg asks that the participants pay attention to their surroundings as their loved ones may be trying to make themselves known through smells or feelings, and to please speak up when that happens. Greg is very animated and prefers to move around the room to better connect with the energy of those in attendance. Gallery readings are some of his favorite things to do!

Along with Greg, we have 10 other psychics available for private readings during Hill-Con: Cindy Willoughby, Daron Royal, Karen Kubicko, Shannon Robinson, Ronda Ferguson, Victoria Alvarez, Jennifer Wildflower, Tom Calhoun, Kayla Sciaretta, and April Busset. Psychics are paid individually and are not included in your admission ticket. You must pay admission to enter Hill-Con if you book a reading. Pre-book your Hill-Con tickets for $15, or $20 at the door. We strongly suggest pre-booking a reservation with a psychic. There will be spots available at the door, but they are limited and we cannot guarantee you a reservation. The Gallery Reading is a separate fee.

Don’t miss coming out to meet Greg Nicholas and all our other wonderful psychics, Saturday August 13th from 11-5 & attend his exciting Gallery Reading taking place at 5PM! Click here to learn more and get tickets