There are reservation/waivers already on the pages of the event you are coming to.  Only use this page as a last resort.  If you’re coming on a Public investigation, be sure to follow the directions on the Public Investigations page. Same for Private investigations, Tours, and Events.  Just click on the appropriate link in our menu and read that page for instructions.   By using the appropriate link you will be emailed a completed waiver that you must print and sign to bring with you.  These are also best completed on a computer.  If you’re using a cell phone, check your browser’s menu and select request desktop site.

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PDF WAIVER You can now fill out the waiver online before printing it.
.doc WAIVER  If you are having problems with the PDF waiver you can print the .doc waiver. Please write clearly.

ATTENTION:  Don’t forget to also fill out a registration form located on the page of the event you are attending.  Example: If you are attending a Public Investigation, click on the Public Investigation link on our navigation menu and find the reservation form on that page to complete it.