Hill-Con Vendor’s Application


We will be accepting vendors until September 10 or until spaces are filled. We ran out of spaces fairly quickly last year. This page will be removed once spaces are filled. As long as you are able to view this page we are still accepting vendors.


Before filling out the application read all information on this page. Call 724-657-6934 with any questions.  We have the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

– Small Food Vendors only, (ex. cupcakes, pastries) No larger food vendors will be accepted without calling first for the fee.
– Direct Sales (ex. Tupperware, Pampered Chef) please check our Hill-Con page to see if we already have someone booked in your line of direct sales.  We will only accept one of each. (cut off date for direct sales 8/31/15)
– Psychic Vendors. We are only accepting a limited number of psychic vendors.  If you are interested in being a psychic vendor please do not fill out this form.  Call 724-923-9380 and ask for John Edwards.  People will have access to the psychics without having to pay the entrance fee.
– We are looking for paranormal and other vendors.   

Please complete all fields on the form, the form will disappear if you filled it out correctly and you will see a note stating it was completed successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email.  If the form doesn’t disappear, please check that you’ve completed it properly and try submitting it again. Then you may scroll down and click on the Pay Now button. If you have problems, please call 724-657-6934. Do not fill out the form until you are ready to pay and do not pay until you’ve filled out the form.  Thanks!

Hill-Con Vendor's Application

Fields marked with a * are required.

*Vendors will share a room with another vendor depending on availability.  You may request to be alone in a room but we can not guarantee it.  

*The vendor's fee must be paid at the time of filling out this application or the reservation will not be held. (non-refundable)

*The cost includes 2 people with paid admission to the Hill-Con convention. It also includes advertising your vendors name and a link to your site on the Hill-Con event page located on Haunted Hill View Manor's website. Any extra people at your table must pay the admittance fee.

* 2 Chairs will be supplied.  You must bring your own table. If you need a table, you can reserve a 6 foot table for $10 when signing up.  We will not be able to provide tables after you have signed up and paid so please be sure to reserve one when signing up if you need one.

* No food or drink is permitted to be sold by vendors. (Unless you are a food vendor that we have already accepted, food vendors may not sells drinks.)

*Vendors are responsible for cleaning their area at the end of the event and are responsible for removing their own trash. Please bring a garbage bag or ask a staff member for one.  We have a dumpster located in the front parking lot where you can leave your trash when you leave. You must also fold your chairs (and table) and leave them outside your door. If you need help please ask one of our staff members.

*We will not be held responsible for anything left behind.

*Displayed items may not be vulgar or offensive. Children are welcome at this event.

*Vendors may arrive at 9:30 am for set up and no later than 10:30 am. 

*You may bring banners that can be hung on the wall outside of your room or on your table depending on space. Please bring tape or other materials you may need to hang a banner. 

By paying the Vendor fee and completing this application you are agreeing to abide by all of the above rules.


Please Click Submit and make sure the form
disappears before 
clicking on Pay Now below.  

Vendor Payment for Sales $50

Vendor Payment + Table $60

Paranormal groups not selling or soliciting anything Pay Now $40 must provide own table.
Once you have made your reservations we will not be able to add a table later, so please select table payment now.  Thank you!