The History of Halloween

By: Ronald Murphy

Why do we love this time of the year so much? Why do we actually enjoy being afraid? Part of Halloween is confronting deep-seated fears knowing that they are contrived. We can confront monsters on our own terms. We can also face the unknown. And truly, the unknown is a theme indelibly etched into Halloween.
Historian and paranormal investigator Ronald Murphy is fascinated by this time of year and has extensively delved into the mystique of this holiday. He has uncovered the history of Halloween is one that is rooted in the distant past but is constantly evolving and being reinterpreted with each generation. What began as an end of summer agricultural festival now has become a time for children to dress up and go door to door asking for candy.  Murphy explores the pagan origin of this autumnal holiday and attempts to shed light on some of the iconic traditions and symbols emblematic to this iconic observation. He explains “this day is so much more than just black cats and witches!” At Hill View Manor on October 22, Murphy will entertainingly deliver the stories behind the association with bats and pumpkins, ghosts and demons. “Attending this lecture will broaden your perspective and appreciation for Halloween!” Murphy says.
After the talk, join Ron as he prowls the halls of historic Hill View Manor in search of ghostly apparitions and phantasmic evidence. He will attempt to communicate with those spirits who still reside at the Manor as well as discuss cases of interaction with the other side with this taking the tour. “What better way to celebrate Halloween than a talk and a ghost investigation?” Murphy says.
A special part of the evening will be the live broadcast of the Spirit Realm Network’s new program Seekers: Enter the Labyrinth. Hosts Ron Murphy and Jennifer DiBlasio will be conducting an investigation in the boiler room of Hill View. Those in attendance can join them in their quest and stick around and possibly be interviewed for their personal insights and thoughts on the paranormal. This night promises to be an amazing event you don’t want to miss. So get those pumpkins carved and gather round as Hill View Manor explore the haunted history of Halloween followed by your very own investigation and your chance to be part of a live broadcast! Trick or treat!