Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Bring a flashlight! You’re going to need it!

7 pm – 11 pm Photo Scavenger Hunt
We will have a group of pictures that were taken inside the building hanging in the lobby.  You must duplicate the pictures to look as much like the pictures we have hanging up.  You can use any type of camera as long as we can tell what the pictures are.  Cell phone cameras are welcome.
Teams can have 2 to 4 players but players must stay together at all times and share prizes.  Each person may take their own picture, but we will only accept one picture from each team.  You must duplicate as many of the pictures as you can before the time is up. You will have until 10:30 pm.
The TWIST you don’t expect!
During the scavenger hunt (not the investigation) there will be staff members lurking within the darkness. They could jump out and scare you at any time. It just adds to the fun!

10:30 – 11 pm

We will judge the pictures.  As long as we think the picture matches the ones we have up it will count towards the points.  Each picture will be worth different points according to the level of difficulty of finding them. You will win prizes. If we have a tie we will draw tickets for a free 2018 public investigation. 

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