Quarantine at Haunted Hill View Manor

Reservations Ended.
Check back for another event like this in the future.


7 pm – 4 am

To sign up for this event.  Each person must complete the form below.  If you’re paying for more than one person, be sure to have them complete the form below as well.  You will be emailed a waiver that you must print and bring with you.

Starting time will be 7 pm.  We will open the doors at 6:45 and no sooner.  

This Quarantine is a new type of event we are doing.  It will cater to each guest with what type of quarantine they would like to do.  Paranormal Crossroads Live is filming the event live which can be viewed on Facebook and several other locations via internet.   NO PARANORMAL ACTIVITY WILL BE FAKED DURING THIS EVENT. Although serious, we want this to be a fun event.

Each quarantine will last about 20 minutes.  We will draw names randomly to select each person (or people) that will go each round. 

Each round, 4 people (or groups of people if you choose) will be chosen and guided to one floor in an area we choose.  1 of those 4 people will be filmed live (if they choose to be)  Either by having someone silently follow you with a camera or by being hooked up to a camera.  The person filming will not speak to you.  You can talk about what you’re experiencing but you can not ask the cameraman anything. 

Those that choose to go alone and are able to finish out their quarantine without interruption will win free entry into our Hill-Con event on September 23, 2017 or given a $10 off coupon for a public investigation.

Those that are not on the quarantine will be able to watch the live feed in the chapel on the movie screen.  We will serve pizza and a non alcoholic drink in the chapel.   You may bring snacks.

After the quarantines are completed, you will be able to investigate until 4 am.


Closed for reservations.  Check back for another event like this in the future.