Meet Our Psychics

Meet our Psychics

Psychic Medium, Hypotherapist, and Reiki Master Anne Miller

Reverend ANNE Miller does Psychic readings with Tarot, Gemstones, and Mediumship abilities. She also does Angel readings, Psychometry and is a Medical Intuitive. Anne is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She also has a certification with Silva Mind. She has assisted police in solving crimes. She is also an ordained Minister with The Church of Radiant Lights. Anne has been featured in newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Her clients are located throughout the United States, and abroad – $25 FOR 20 MINUTES

Psychic Medium, 5th Generation Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Brenda Miller Brand

BRENDA is a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient Psychic Medium, and Animal Communicator. She uses psychometry during her readings as well as Tarot cards. Brenda’s accuracy and predictive abilities have been confirmed by her clients across the Country. She is founder of and her paranormal group is available for investigations. Brenda can be reached at 330-209-7021 or you can email her at and on Facebook at BrendaMillerBrand – $25 FOR 20 MINUTES

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Healer Jackie Wainauskis

JACKIE worked several years under the wings of “The Chapel of Oneness” in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, and “The Yellow Lotus Center” in Herminie, Pennsylvania, where she started to connect with Spirit Guides and the Spirit of loved ones under the guidance of the Angelic Light. She has been a Medium and Healer for the past 8 years and where it brings her great joy to help others. Witnessing the Healing of God is fascinating and very rewarding for her and others. She is also a member of the 1st Spiritualist Church in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, where she continues her faith in Spirit. “Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see” – $25 for 20 MINUTES

Psychic Medium and Healer Kathleen Addaia Taylor “KAT”

KAT is a psychic medium and healer, who has been involved in metaphysical studies for the past 9 years. She has taken many classes at Lily Dale, New York and locally and is committed to her purpose of being “an instrument to bring light into the world. “ She enjoys offering evidence of your loved ones in spirit, through her clear hearing abilities and heartfelt messages. Her excitement about the spiritual connections and abundant love available to us all continues to inspire her to share these truths with others.
Kat has a psychology background, completing her post graduate studies at Duquesne University. She is an active Spiritualist, with strong ties to Lily Dale, the oldest and largest Spiritualist Community in the U.S. – $25 FOR 20 MINUTES

Psychic Medium and Healer Paul Meidinger

PAUL is a psychic, medium, and healer who has been studying the aura, chakras, metaphysics, and healing for over 25 years. He is a gifted teacher who has been teaching Soul Retrieval, Psychic Development, Auras, Spiritual Communication, Spirit Art, and Energy Healing. He provides the following services •Spirit Communication •Aura and Chakra Readings •Energy and Spiritual Healing •Psychic Readings •Metaphysical and Spiritual Mentoring – $30 FOR 15 MINUTES

Psychic Medium Santina

SANTINA is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, intuitive psychic-medium who has utilized her gifts since childhood. From an early age, she has communed with her own spiritual guides and crossed over loved ones. A certified Reiki practitioner, she offers Psychic Readings, Aura Readings, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Communication. A session can use any or all of these methods to provide a holistic, integrated approach that match your needs and interests. Pittsburgh can email Santina at – $30 FOR 15 MINUTES

Medium, Teacher, Reiki Master and Energy Healer Annette Bove-Holmes

ANNETTE is dedicated to helping others and teaching. Her abilities are all based on years of Metaphysical and Holistic studies including the Rhine Institute. Annette’s lifelong passion is energy work, connecting to Spirit and watching other’s grow. She is also a Lead Investigator and Lead Medium for T.O.P.S Paranormal. Annette will be a psychic tour guide and will also be teaching the Psychic Development class at 3 pm. You can email her at – $35 FOR PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT CLASS and $20 FOR TOURS