Psychic Fair 2022 Recap

Our 2022 Psychic Fair took place on Saturday, June 11th. It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and blue skies…and lots of excited people at Haunted Hill View Manor. 

We had 10 psychics on-site, and they all had very busy days! We had a large variety of psychics including mediums, energy healers, empaths, reiki masters, and more. They had sold out schedules all day and they all reported that the energy in the building was good and energizing! 

Psychics Greg Nicholas and Cindy Willoughby – both integral parts of our Hill View family, led a sold-out Gallery Reading at 1pm. They did a split session with Cindy taking half the people in one room, and Greg taking the other half in a separate room. At 1:30, Greg and Cindy switched groups. There were great connections made and messages delivered. 
At 2pm, staff members Ken Azzarello and Donnie Graham conducted a class on Ghost Hunting 101. They covered investigating techniques, equipment, and answered questions from the packed audience. Their presentation was dynamic and the crowd was thrilled! 
At 3pm, staff members Sue Vesch and Melissa Keen led a demonstration on Evidence captured at Hill View Manor. Although there were some technical problems- which is nothing new at a haunted location – they were able to show and discuss several pieces of evidence on video and audio that were caught by staff and guests while investigating at Haunted Hill View Manor. 
One North, one of the most haunted locations in the building, was home to 20+ vendors during the psychic fair. There was everything from jewelry makers, reiki masters, haunted objects, and so much more. The vendor area was filled with light, laughter, and music provided by our in-house DJ Nick Markowitz. 
We also offered tours through the building every hour during the event. Guests could see the rest of the building and learn the history of our beautiful building while escorted by our staff. 
We had one of the most successful Psychic Fairs on the books. And we couldn’t have done it without all our guests, vendors, psychics, and our amazing staff who worked so hard to make this event a success! We can’t wait for next year!!