Lauren Hellekson

Lauren has been traversing the realms of spirituality for over 15 years. An endeavor that has taken her to places all over the world including Israel, Ireland, Spain, and India. Her technical interests in how things work in the physical world, on the other hand, developed at a very young age; from dismantling old IMB computers with her dad, to rebuilding the carburetor in her first motorcycle, to improving the equipment we use in the paranormal field, she is always observing and creating in some capacity.

Also a published author and speaker, Lauren has held educational workshops and lectures on witchcraft, meditation, metaphysical exploration, and more recently, improving understanding and applications of equipment in the paranormal through informative presentations and equipment build workshops. She sells her modernized Victorian occult-inspired equipment that uses theoretical methods of energy documentation related to the electromagnetic spectrum and static electricity, often used in paranormal investigations in person at vendor shows throughout the East Coast and Midwest United States. Her wears also include the Crystal Pod, in which the amethyst version sells worldwide on Dave Juliano’s Ghost Hunter Store.