Hill-Con Speaker Series

August  22, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm 

This year’s annual Hill-Con will host several respected speakers from a variety of paranormal fields. These experts will present compelling speeches and research for both the skeptic and believer. This year you pick 2, 3, or 4 speakers for one price and get a bonus 1-hour guided tour. You can choose which presentations you want to attend when booking. Admission is free to everyone that signs up for the speaker series and you will pay when you arrive at the building. Due to limits on occupancy you must preregister to attend.

The convention will also offer mini classes and activities throughout the day that can be booked separately from the speaker series. If you choose not to purchase the series you can purchase individual speakers and mini classes starting at $10 (see rates below). The guided tours of our building and grounds will be at various times during the day. You will need to signup in the office or online for your tour time.

Speaker Series and Cost:

  • $50 each for 2 speakers + guided tour
  • $65 each for 3 speakers + guided tour
  • $80 each for 4 speakers + guided tour

Speaker Schedule   [Find out more here]

12:00 pmDaniel Hageman – Local UFO Sightings
1:00 pmAngel Rae – Paranormal Etiquette 
2:00 pmTony Lavorgne – Local Legends and Lore
3:00 pmMary Fabian – Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project

2020 Hill-Con Details

Convention details will be updated when they become available. No open admission. Please register online. Event Hours: 11 am – 5 pm Building Tours: $15 Order the Limited Edition Hill-Con T-Shirt $20-$23 each. Pick up at the Front Desk or have them mailed.

Special Events:

  • Tours (45 mins in length) are available every 10 mins past the hour starting at 11:10am. You can book the tour online or at the office. $15 fee per person.
  • Hill-Con’s Hill View Manor  Investigation will be held from 8 pm to 3 am and costs $65 per person. [Book Here]

4:00 pm  Psychic investigation with Ryan Michaels ($35)  [Find out more] 

5:00 pm  Hill-Con Investigation with Eric Mintel ($40)   [Find out more] 

8:00 pm  Evening Investigation with Ron Murphy ($65)   [Find out more] 


Individual Speakers and Mini Classes

You can attend one speaker session for $25. You can also take part in the guided tours for a $15 fee. Due to occupancy limits everyone must register to attend. 

Sign up for our Mini Sessions and pay when you arrive
(click Register Here to sign up)

11:00 pmHow to Open Up Presentation  ($20) with Ryan Michaels
11:30 pm Psychic Hot Spot Investigation- ($20) with Ryan Michaels
12:30 pmDeparted Friends and Family ($10) with Kat Rodgers
2:30 pmParanormal Evidence ($10)  with Hill View Staff
3:30 pmCreepy Legends and Strange Sightings ($20)  with Ron Murphy