Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek Event!

Family Fun

Please know that this is a very large, dark, HAUNTED, building and young kids can be frightened.  Use your best judgement!
We do not suggest children under the age of 10.


Remember playing hide and seek?  Have you ever played in one of the most haunted locations in the United States? Well now is your chance!  We had a hide and seek last year that was a lot of fun and many private groups play hide and seek during their investigations.  

7 pm –  11 pm  Hide & Seek
11 pm – 3 am Investigation

(doors will open at 6:45 pm)

Reservations and Payments are made on the Calendar on the Public Investigation page.  Just choose the date of this event on the calendar.
$40 for just hide-n-seek
$35 for just the investigation
$65 for both

Each person attending must complete the form at the bottom of the Public Investigations page, even if they were not the ones to pay. 


There won’t be a regular tour, but we will give you a fast walk through of the building. We will be playing hide and seek from 7 pm – 11pm.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a buddy because we will be splitting into teams of 2 or more so no one has to hide alone.   If you don’t have a partner we can pair you up with someone else that doesn’t have a partner if you don’t want to hide alone.  Children of all ages are welcome, but children under the age of 18 must also have at least one parent or legal guardian with them at all times.  Children under the age of 18 may not hide with anyone other than their parent or legal guardian.  Families are welcome to hide together, it just increases your chances of being found sooner.

This is for serious hide & seek players.  We are going to have fun with the spirits of Hill View and they may just be hiding with you.
We had an event called Mass Chaos where tour guides hid throughout the building while you played hide and seek.  That may happen again.  So be on the lookout for them, they enjoy scaring people since we don’t get to during investigations.


Our last hide and seek events were so much fun, so we’re keeping the rules the same.  We’ll be having one team hide and all the other teams seeking.  It makes the game go a bit faster.

Rules may change or be added prior to the date of the event. Rules for our Investigations are also in effect throughout the night.

We suggest you have at least one person to hide with. 

Each child under 18 must hide with a parent or legal guardian.

No running!

We will have at least two people hide as a team (or one for you brave souls).

Everyone on your team must hide within 5 feet from each other.

Once you have found a hiding spot and the seekers start looking for you, you may not move from your hiding area.

No running!

Each round will last no more than 15 minutes.

You must hide in the designated hiding areas. (they will change throughout the evening)

Hiding teams that are not found in the 15 minute sessions, will win game tickets.

Seeking teams will win game tickets for finding the hiding team.

Everyone will have equal chances to hide.

No running!

 We will be drawing game tickets for prizes from the gift shop around 10:45 pm. Those that paid to stay and investigate may start their investigation.