Halloween at Haunted Hill View Manor

By: Denise Bollinger

It is that time of the year when ghosts and goblins roam about the earth in their own haunting ways seeking us out  to let us know they are here and testing us to be afraid? Halloween and Trick or Treating have been a favorite time of the year for many people, children of course but adults as well. We all enjoy a good scare at times and so  it was also enjoyed and celebrated by  the residents of Hill View Manor. The history of activities for the residents, some who still reside there, was a full entertaining atmosphere especially on Halloween.
At Haunted Hill View Manor we have some nostalgic pictures of just such an occasion. There are pictures of the residents dressed up in a variety of costumes, Mary Virginia , one of our entities who on a regular basis loved to “play dress-up” on any given day, adorning a pink silk dress with lace trim and posing for the camera. Her picture sits proudly beside  her bed on her night stand in her Halloween costume waiting to share with everyone the joy that it gave to them. In our Archives room, there is a sparse collection of other residents dressed up to engage in the fun of season. Some clowns, some cowboys and so on, all smiling and at all of the fun they must have enjoyed. 
The various rooms that were used for an array of activities were The Chapel and the Atrium. Throughout the year many area groups, church choirs, school choirs and even Girl Scouts of America have visited the residents and performed choral concerts and little skits, along with hosting Tea Parties for residents to enjoy. There is a spirit in the Chapel who really enjoys music! Whether it is hymns or secular this spirit is known to and will communicate with investigators who sing or play music, specifically Johnny Cash and Amazing Grace. Although no one person can make a spirit appear there has been evidence that the spirit in this area is a music lover and misses having those forms of entertainment revisited. In the Atrium there is an old organ, not used since the building closed in 2004, that is heard playing throughout the building and at unexpected times. A gentleman who visited recently remembered and shared that in elementary school they gave the residents a little Christmas program and ” this is that room!’
Last year we began a new tradition at Haunted Hill View Manor, Haunted Hell View Scare Manor.  Anyone who comes out for some scary Halloween  fun will be treated to  a walk through the haunted maze, filled with surprises and then through the haunted house where more terror and ghouls are located to test your scare factor.  Going into our second year in celebrating the season we have made it bigger and better than before. The talents of Sue and Ken, the creators, and many other people, staff and volunteers, you are all welcome to come out for a scaring good time. There are many other events coming please go to website and get in on the fun and scares of the season. 
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!