Eric Altman

Eric Altman is a Cryptozoologist and Paranormal enthusiast specializing in researching the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon with a combined 42 years of study, field research, and investigations.  Eric is a well-respected field investigator, contributing author, founder, and Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and one of the founding members and Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.  Eric was also the host and co-founder of Beyond the Edge Radio, a live weekly radio program covering a variety of paranormal and fringe topics for over 12 years from 2007 to 2019. 

Eric is and has actively investigated cases, sighting claims, and continues to conduct fieldwork dating back to 1997.  He has investigated and assisted in investigating over 250 cases of Bigfoot sightings, encounters, and claims in Pennsylvania and across the country.  Eric was a host and organizer of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference from 2000 to 2011.  In 2016, Eric has served as the organizer, planner, and host of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, an annual charity fundraising event that has successfully concluded its third event in 2019 with future events being planned.   

Eric is a much sought-after public speaker on the topics of Bigfoot and other Cryptids.  For over 22 years lecturing and presented across the country. Eric has appeared in various documentaries, films, and television programs about Bigfoot.  The most recent documentaries include Sasquatch Unearthed; The Ridge and Mountain Devil 3.  He appeared in the Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Declassified,” and an episode of the Discovery Plus series “Fright Club.”  Eric has written for and contributed to several books and magazine articles on the subject.  Eric has been interviewed on hundreds of national radio programs and appeared as a featured guest on countless internet podcast shows. He has appeared in countless newspaper, magazine articles, and various forms of print media.  To learn more about Eric, visit his websites and