Employee Spotlight

By: Dawn Chute

This quarter’s employee spotlight light is everyone’s favorite four-foot employee Ghost!! . He is well-loved! I’m just kidding our employee spotlight is in fact Ghost’s owner Jim. I will tell you truthfully Hill View would not run without Jim. He is our maintenance man, electrician, plumber, and roofer. Whatever needs to be done, Jim is our man. Among the many things including getting power back to the first floor, his biggest job was getting Eli’s boiler room back open!!


Jim is also a paranormal investigator!  His first hunt was Hill View which has given it a special place in his heart! He was on an episode of Paranormal Challenge as well as investigating many well-known places! Some of his favorite spots in our building are the Atrium and of course Eli’s!


 Help us say thank you to Jim for all of his hard work and dedication. We appreciate Jim very much, he is truly what makes it all work.