Ed Kelemen

Ed is an author, playwright, columnist, and speaker who spends an inordinate amount of time with the Pennsylvania Investigators of Paranormal Phenomena. P.I.P.P. for short as both a technician and a paranormal investigator. During the course of writing his eight-book Haunted Pennsylvania Collection, he has been involved in over 350 paranormal investigations.

Ed has been on countless podcasts, as well as appearing on a number of radio and television programs on stations as far away as New Orleans and has been featured in an episode of, “Red Earth Uncovered,” a Canadian television series about unexplained paranormal events, folklore, and myths.

He has been a featured speaker at a large number of UFO, Bigfoot, and Paranormal conferences, as well as presenting his program at Libraries, Historical Societies, and other festivals. Some of the events he has appeared at include:

Kecksburg UFO Conference, Kecksburg, PA

Albatwitch Day, Columbia, PA

The Burter Paranormal Conference, Lyndora, PA

Mind, Body, Spirit, Healing Expo, Monroeville, PA

Portage, PA Public Library

New Florence, PA Public Library

Latrobe, PA Public Library

Vandergrift, PA Public Library

Ligonier Valley Railroad family event, “The Creepy Caboose”

Western Pennsylvania Conference on the Unexplained

Fayette County Bigfoot Symposium

Youngsville, PA Paranormal Conference

Forest County Bigfoot Festival

Bigfoot Barbeque and UFO Festival, Milton Loop Campground

When not investigating and interacting with the denizens of the after world, he relaxes with one of his sons in their hundred and twenty-five year-old house with a teeney-tiny dog, a clutch of attitude-ridden cats and whatever rodents decide to brave the winter months inside. They all share that ancient house with a trio of haunts that are more entertaining than spooky.

Ed’s articles and short stories have appeared in numerous local, regional, and national publications.

All of Ed’s books are available at select locations as well as at Amazon.com.

Visitors are always welcome at his website at www.ekelemen.com and he can be easily contacted via email at ed@ekelemen.com.