Hot Spot Nights

By: Melissa Keen   In the normal world, a hot spot is defined as an area that is higher in temperature than the immediate surrounding area. In the paranormal world, a hot spot is an area with higher reported paranormal activity than the surrounding area. Haunted Hill View Manor has several hot spots and our […]

HHVM Livestream

By: Melissa Keen Down the dark hallways of Hill View Manor, equipment is set up, lights are set up, and the video starts… it’s live stream night! Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm, our dedicated Hill Crew streams investigations from 2 separate locations inside the building. Along with investigating, our crew shared upcoming events, […]

An Interview with April Busset

By: Denise Bollinger My article for the Spring of 2023 brought a totally new and wonderful experience. I had the great pleasure of getting to know one of the many psychics who has visited Haunted Hill View Manor and will be returning in June. Ms. April Busset. April is very excited to be returning to […]

Your Favorite Spots in Hill View!

By: Melissa Keen   January is a quiet time at Haunted Hill View Manor. We are closed for the season, no new guests to visit, no exciting events, only staff checking in at the building. But we love interacting with our friends and guests! To keep the fun going through the cold months, we love […]

Jeffrey’s Room

By: Dawn Chute   In Oct 1926, the Lawrence County home for the Poor and Aged opened. This would come to be known as Hill View Manor. On the day the facility opened its doors, with the warden and his staff, were the first 20 inmates. Although the facility normally did not take children, among […]

The Atrium By: Melissa Keen   One North. If you’re familiar with Haunted Hill View Manor, you know this place very well. Easily one of the most active locations in the building. Built as part of the 1977 addition, One North was the medical wing and acute care patient rooms. With over 20 rooms for patients, […]

Mary Virginia’s Story

By: Denise Bollinger A contest was held this past year for our guests to tell us where their favorite hot spots are. Mary Virginia’s room was one of the winners of the contest. It is no small wonder that she was selected as a most popular spot. When you arrive at the building you will be given […]

Trick or Treat for a Cause

By: Melissa Keen Officer Dan Tressler and his K9 partner Kallo, make their way down One North at Haunted Hill View Manor. They’re surrounded by moving shadows, ghosts, ghouls, and creatures of all type. They reach the end of the hallway and slowly enter the atrium. What do they find? Kids, candy, cookies, and fun!!! […]

Evidence Night 2022

By: Dawn Chute Evidence Night 2022 was a great success. There were some big changes this year! We centralized admissions to a single email account, that let us keep a much better handle on what was submitted. We also changed how voting was conducted. We posted the entries to our Facebook page and had public […]

Eli’s Boiler room

By: Dawn Chute Eli Saari is by far one of the most well known spirits at Hill View. He is talked about on almost every television show and YouTube channel. He is very interactive and quite protective of “his people” meaning staff and regular visitors. I jokingly refer to him as my work husband. Several […]