Meet Our Psychics

Greg Nicholas

Greg Nicholas, I am fourth generation natural-born psychic/medium descended from my great-grandmother in Italy.

I use my natural gifts as well as seashells and dominoes both of which have been around for thousands of years as forms of divination and guidance.

In addition, I use palmistry to help you plan out your path for the future.

As a medium, I also receive messages from those who have passed on and wish to communicate with you.

$25 for 15-minute session 

Royal Energy Alchemy LLC.

Daron Royal is an Energy Alchemist & Healer, Sin Eater Empath, Reiki Practitioner Level 2 and fully vaccinated against Covid. Daron is following his soul’s path as a healer, serving people, and helping them on their life journey. He also has a multitude of gifts, that in cooperation with the divine uses to hear, feel and see not only energy, but also illness, issues and pain within the client’s body that need healing, and then using a form of sin eater empath energy telekinesis, Daron pulls said pain and negative energy from the body, and replaces it with positive healing energy/chi/love from the divine/universe.

$30 for 15-minute Energy Alchemy Session

Tarot Readings – $20 –  2 spreads

Psychic Insights and Outlooks with Peggy Hanna

My Combo readings begin with 5 cards pulled from two oracle card decks, to offer insight into your life and current situations. As the reading progresses, I respectfully reach out to the Spirit World to ask if any of your departed family members and/or friends wish to communicate with you. The choice to communicate is always up to Spirit, to let you know they are at peace still watching over you.

$20 for 20-minute session

Suzy Woo Spiritual Healer, Astrologer, Psychic Medium

Powerful Insight, Powerful Healing. Rev. Suzy Woo is an International Spiritual Healer, Evolutionary Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Psychic Medium. Her integrated readings provide solid validation for life purpose, life direction, how to get unstuck, past lives, information about the people you’re connected to, and can even bring your loved ones or guides to you in a palpable way! Learn the best windows of time to change careers, move, or conceive! (If interested in astrology, for best results please have the TIME of your birth.)  Or visit the aura imagery station for an aura photo! What colors do you think YOUR aura will be?

$40 for 15-minute session, Intuitive Health Reading w/ Star Magic Deep Energy Healing for $50, or Aura Reading with Photo (Includes 15-page detailed color report emailed to you) for $30

The Discerning Crow

Jennifer Wildflower is a trained Shamanic Practitioner (Shaman) local to the Pittsburgh area. Offering insight and healing, Jennifer is passionate about helping others on their journey to living a full life.Shamanic healing is an ancient multifaceted practice, tailored to the individual. Using a variety of sacred tools and methods, shamans can shift energy. One of those methods is shifting their own consciousness into a transcendental state to journey to the invisible realms of reality. It is here where they seek wisdom and insight from spirit guides and spirit animals to help you throughout your healing process.Currently offered with love: 20 minute sessions for $25.

Past Life & Healing Readings with Karen Kubicko

Karen connects with your personal spirit guide and angelic team to provide spiritually healing information and guidance from throughout your whole soul experience – including your past lives. Learn your life path. Clear relationship blocks. Reawaken your innate soul talents. Sessions are 30 minutes to be paid in cash to the psychic at the time of your reading.

$60 for 30 Minute Session

Jenny Vanvoorhis

Hello, my name is Jenny. I have been naturally intuitive my whole life. I have been reading Tarot for over 25 years. I offer a combination reading of Tarot and Palmistry to give you a thorough insight into your current life situation. I also use Natural Crystal Energy to offer emotional healing and support. Hopefully, I can provide guidance and inspiration for you today.

$30 for a 20 Minute Reading

Elizabeth Hennessy

Elizabeth comes from a long line of psychic mediums for generations. She has seen things since she could remember. Elizabeth was trained by a local Ohio Haven, Florida Spiritual church, and Ontario spiritual group to provide answers without getting information from the client. She is internationally known, throughout America and Canada, for her readings since she was young.   

Elizabeth provides information to achieve your highest self in love, light, and truth. She works with your guides, past loved ones, and animals to get their messages for you. Her medical intuitive and empathic abilities allow her to see if there are any physical or mental issues that you may need to resolve. She uses oracle cards to allow her to tap into other messages for you.

$40 for 30 minutes