Beckie-Ann Galentine


Beckie-Ann Galentine was raised in Starford, Pennsylvania, a rural coal mining town haunted by mine disasters and emptiness following an exhaustion of resources. She is a paranormal investigator and licensed embalmer. Her interest in history was fostered by a childhood spent poring over households of the recently deceased alongside her parents with whom she lived with in an antique shop. This exposure to objects created an interest in the link between the present and history. 

It was while pursuing a degree in science and engaging in laboratory research that she found her first encounter with something unexplained. 

Beckie relocated to Connecticut, after earning a degree in mortuary science and worked as a mortician during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this time, she began exploring the region’s haunted history and presenting it to a new audience in short-format video on social media. With this platform she aimed to bring forward the discussion of complicated grief patterns and the negative impact the dismissal of paranormal experiences may have on the bereaved; this understanding of physical death and the afterlife give her a unique approach to paranormal investigations and a strong compass for ethics. 

Her social media presence has brought her paranormal research to light via various live interviews, newsprint features and multiple podcasts. She recently starred in the feature documentary Famously Haunted: Amityville as a researcher.