April Busset, Psychic Medium

By: Melissa Keen

When you think of the word gift, several things come to mind…brightly wrapped packages under a tree, a talented athlete, dancer, or singer. Someone with an extra something that makes them stand out in some way. But there’s another kind of gift. The gift of the mind, the soul, the spirit. 

April Busset has this type of gift. She is a psychic/medium and a natural-born clairvoyant. April has developed her talent and abilities over the years and along with being a celebrity psychic medium, she is also a practicing remote viewer, automatic writer, ghost Hunter, and shaman. 

April had her first experience as a small child. She was four years old and experienced her first visitation when she woke up to find the spirit of her father standing at the foot of her bed. He had passed 2 years earlier. This visit opened her abilities to the paranormal. In her 20s, she began giving readings to friends and realized she needed to learn how to harness her abilities so she could use them to help others. 

Today, April – also known as the Psychic Housewife of New Jersey – is known for her accurate and evidential readings to clients all over the world. She has also been featured on “The Holzer Files” and has investigated some of the most haunted locations in the United States. 

April has been described as a bright light in this world. A no-nonsense person who is pure compassion and empathy. She gives amazingly accurate readings, and while not afraid to tell you hard truths, she leaves you with hope and love. 

We are so excited to have April as a featured speaker at Hill-Con on Saturday, August 13th at Haunted Hill View Manor. Along with speaking, April is also offering private readings, you can schedule yours by clicking here.